10 Best Website Colors Palettes That Increase Engagement

What are the best website colors? When designing a website, one of the most essential aspects to consider is its color palette or scheme. Colors can trigger emotions and a desired response. Web designers have favorite colors that they tend to favor or gravitate when it comes to designing a website, but a good one knows the importance of using the right color palettes for it, depending on the products or services being offered or promoted. Color choices can affect how a visitor is going to interpret what they can see, typography and layout included. So what color schemes are good for designing a site? Check out the following for the 10 color palettes you may want to consider.

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Best Colors for Websites to Increase Engagement

  1. best website colorsThe Big Top: It has an analogous color scheme, which is easy to adjust and manipulate. You can modify its shade, tint and tone. By doing so, you will be able to create a good contrast that will be easy for the eyes. It also comes with a slide navigation that can add a twist to a neutral toned palette.
  2. Tori’s Eye: This color scheme is simple yet powerful. It is centered on the colors of blue and green. You can use the elegant color palette that is striking and easy on the eyes. It can be used for most industries and it can be used to create a simple yet lovely website that isn’t distracting but is perfectly laid out.
  3. Mea Cuppa: It is a neutral color palette with yellow, a pop of classy color. It can be used for a cupcake bakery website or any baking related website. This color pattern creates a good contrast, giving a website a nice and unique visual appeal.
  4. Nordic Ruby: It has a neutral background color that works well versus saturated colors. On the header, it makes use of plum as the main color and it uses light blue for a good contrast in its headings and call to actions. You can check out this color palette and see if it works for you, too.
  5. web design colorsEvent Finds: The color scheme is another good color to use for a website. It makes use of complimentary colors, such as orange in the call to action buttons. It is definitely worth to consider if you want to come up with a great design that has a color pattern that is not distracting for the eyes.
  6. Odopod: The color scheme makes use of pink in the background, a color uncommonly used when designing websites. But in this case, the pink color in the design makes the website stand out.
  7. Cheese Survival Kit: This color palette is perfect for making a good first impression for your site visitors. It has contrasting colors that can create an impact, with its yellow accent colors for its call to action.
  8. Lemon Stand App: Blue is the primary color used on this color scheme. It is also the foundation of the page. The color palette also makes use of yellow in the call to actions for a good color contrast. But then again, always use bright colors sparingly and don’t overdo with them when designing a website.
  9. Lake Nona: If you are building a website that focuses on sustainable living and healthy lifestyle, then this color scheme may be the one to consider. It has split complimentary colors that put an added visual appeal to create an impact and improve the interest of readers.
  10. best colors for websitesMint.com: It makes use of a clean and elegant set of colors, which make the website look even more professional. It also has the fresh green color that gives it an extra polish and soothing appeal. It also makes use of orange in the call to actions, making them stand out and elicit action from the site visitors.

By choosing the right color palette for your web design, you will be able to create a professional looking one that will please not only the eyes but also the heart of your visitors. As you may already know, certain colors can appeal to the emotions and they can help you make your visitors take an action to what you’re asking them to do next. If you want to increase customer engagement, you should pick the right color combination that will show how you dedicate your time and effort for the project and convey how serious you are in your business. So if you want your web design colors to work, make sure that you consider your products and services as well as your theme.

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Also, try to test several color palettes as discussed above until you arrived at perfection. Take some time to study and weigh your options before choosing and finalizing the color pattern to use. After all, you are the first one to judge your final output. Thus, be able to spend some time and pick the right colors to suit your design.

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