11 Exclusive Social Media Plugin for Your Website

Adding social sharing buttons is a good way to inform what your site is all about. It is important that you have the basic social media plugin so that you give a chance to your visitor to share content. If you want to know the best plugins for social media, check this out!

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Social Plugins for Website That you can Have

Here are social plugins that you can have for your site to make it successful. You will find the exclusive list that will help you to grow your site.

  1. social media pluginTwinesocial: By using this plugin, it gives you the opportunity to share buttons in your site. It gives you full access account that is for free. You can try it for 30 days and if you are contented, you can buy a plan or just use the free account. The good thing with it is that it supports all major networks. What you need to do is to visit the official site and register.
  2. LessButtons: This is a free plugin allowing you to display social media buttons of networks where your visitors or customers are registered. You like its magnifier sign allowing you to share and like content. It is a good plugin for blog exposure.
  3. Microblogposter: The good thing with this plugin is that you can set your posting in autopilot. This means that it will save your time. This plugin will automatically publish what you have in social networks, which include Facebook, Friendfeed, Plurk, Instapaper, LinkedIn, Diigo, Delivious, Tumblr and Blogger. In fact, the 3 versions are available which include a free version.
  4. Simple Social Share: This is a free and incredible social share plugin. You do not need to register and there is no ID that is required. For developers, it has available shortcode to have full control on the plugin.
  5. MoreSharesForYou: This is another best plugin for social sharing. The advantage of this plugin is that it has point system, which means you get free points to use. If you lack points, you can buy more. If you want to know more information, you can check the plugin.
  6. social plugins for websiteWWM Social Share on Image Hover: This is a free plugin and available for people who are looking for visual content. This is a perfect way in sharing good picture. The social sharing buttons appear on the image hover. The good thing is that it supports Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook. There are more features of the tool that you can use and it is better to check it out to know it all.
  7. Social Contact Display: This is another great plugin for social media sharing because it leads your blog visitor to the social network accounts that you have. You get 22 social media icon sets that you can choose from where the number is growing permanently. Recently, they have added CSS3 social media and pure HTML5. It is available for free and pro version.
  8. Floating Social Media Icon: Many people love this because it links your social media icons to the social media profiles you have. By using it, you get great sharing icons from top left up to bottom right. This is a good way to attract more visitors. If you try it, the icons on the scroll page will still stick to it. The plugin is available for free and pro version.
  9. Social Butterfly: This plugin is free, aesthetic, relatively new and neat. It gives you a chance to add and modify its some features. You can share content and one of its features allow you to custom colours easily. There are many things that you can do with it.
  10. social media plugins for websiteFeeder Ninja: The plugin will help you in adding and creating Social media and RSS feeds for your site. You can make combination of updates coming from different social media. The plugin offers free and paid account where you can choose what version you want. When it comes to interface, it is intuitive which means you do not need to have superb experience to use it.
  11. Social Media Tabs: This is a free plugin allowing you to organize social media feeds in 1 widget. For instance, if you want to show to your customer or visitor what is happening on certain social network, then this plugin is what you should use.

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There are numerous social media plugins for website that you can choose from, but you should not choose all. What you need to do is to choose the best and the one that will really help you. It is better if you choose a plugin that saves your time and easy to use. It is better if the plugin is easy to navigate and has simple user interface for easy learning. Start to choose the top and best plugin for your website and use it today!

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