9GAG Clone Script: How to make a Website Copy?

9gag clone script9GAG is a social media platform where users can share and upload memes, videos, and images. This is a fun platform which gained more than 26 million likes on Facebook and 5 million Followers on Twitter on 2015. It was originally a side project by Chris Chan with the purpose of sharing humorous video and photos online, until the website improved and became a resume- builder for accelerator program.

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Facts About 9GAG

Ray Chan, co- founder of 9GAG says that this platform is for people who want to kill time. With the website, they can enjoy, relax, and have fun while interacting with other 9gaggers.

  1. You can participate on the website through voting and commenting on the internet memes.
  2. You can check out for user- generated memes shared by anyone from the 9GAG community. These are humorous comic strips and images with captions and messages.
  3. Animal-related memes like Advice Dogs or Advice Animals are the most popular.
  4. 9gaggers refers to 9GAG users.
  5. Most of the 9GAG users came from the office or school.

9GAG is a very powerful and influential platform. It is evident because of the daily traffic it receives from millions of its users. This is the clear reason why people like to clone 9GAG.

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How To Clone 9GAG?

Building a new website inspired by 9GAG comes step by step. It is important to understand each step to successfully set- up a humorous website like 9GAG. See below steps to clone 9GAG.

Step 1: Purchase a Domain+ Hosting

The first step in cloning a 9GAG is to buy a short yet useful domain for the website. It is important to select a domain name with the following attributes:

  • Easy to remember
  • Short
  • Brandable
  • Has .com extensions
  • Should avoid trademarks

Step 2: Buy a 9GAG clone script

` Select the type of 9GAG.TV clone script you want to use to build your website. There are two main and available platforms to create your own 9GAG site. Choose either from the two platforms below:

  • PHP
  • WordPress

Step 3: Upload Images

To clone website, find the perfect images that relates to your niche. You can use Google search to find the best images for your website. You can also consider purchasing an image pack, or look for other platform to get free images databases. Social media is also another great platform to select the best images.

Step 4: Setup and Link Social Networking Sites

Build your different social media platforms to increase your website traffic. Social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Page , and Pinterest helps to boost your online presence.

Step 5: Boost Website Traffic

Drive more audiences to your website through using good content host. Start driving your website traffic through SEO, PPC or Adwords, Email Marketing, and Social Media. Regularly update all these platforms to attract more audiences to your website. Post more engaging, compelling, and humorous contents to acquire more audience share.

Start creating your own 9GAG website copy using the 9GAG clone script and other social media platform.