AdSense Clone Script: How to Build Similar Website?

websites like google adsenseGoogle AdSense became of the most preferred advertising methods to promote your products and services because of its efficiency to reach target audiences in a faster and most convenient way. This is a cost- per- click advertising program that allows advertisements to appear on relevant and targeted websites. The program is sorted, administered, and maintained by Google. Advertisers earn money on either per- impression or per- click basis.

clone website

Webmasters and Bloggers can use their site to earn money. Choose the keywords you want to advertise. Once you are decided on the keywords, AdSense spiders will crawl to the website to identify your niche. This is only possible after the installation of the ad codes.

Websites like Google Adsense is free. It is the simplest way for publishers to display Google ads and earn money from their websites.

Key Features of Website Like AdSense

AdSense has outstanding features you should need to take advantage. With the features, you can work on variety of things using the AdSense Host API.

  1. The revenue sharing program allows you to select the type of revenue sharing between you and users.
  2. Share revenue with users through creating and managing ad units.
  3. Users can earn profit from their pages through the automatic contextual ads showing in the targeted contents.
  4. Your program or website can be associated with user’s existing AdSense account.
  5. Sign up for an AdSense through your program.
  6. Customize and control ads based in accordance to the type and kind of website.
  7. Online learning tools and help center are accessible to support your business.

Creating your website with a Freelancer clone script is easy as 123! Try now!

Creating Adsense with Adsense clone script

Create this simple and easy to use website, and let publishers promote their services and products in few easy steps. Generate revenue from these advertisers and earn without limits through creating a AdSense clone.

  1. XYZ Admarket. To clone website, launch your own advertiser- publisher network with XYZ Admarket. This simple clone script supports banner and Pay-Per- Click advertisement formats. XYZ Admarket has a PHP+MySQL based scripts that allow you to create a customizable and useful website.
  2. Ad Serving and Ad Managing Script. Publishers and advertisers are housed in a single roof to create a more compelling and unified advertising system. Ad Serving and Ad Managing Script is one of the best Ad Server platforms that allow you to create banners, texts, ppc ads, and catalogs in simple easy steps.
  3. AdQuick. Crete and run your own ad network with AdQuick. This PHP script can be used as a standalone ad server to advertise products and services like AdSense.
  4. BlueSoft Ad Server. Don’t worry about managing ads on your website because BlueSoft Ad Server will work it for you. This self hosted all-in-one Ad Server solution that offers unlimited banners, websites, and zones, which make it as the most competitive clone script solution.

Owning your own Adsense inspired website is easy and simple. The above clone scripts will help you create a new ad network and help your generate revenue in the most convenient ways.