AdWords Clone Script: How to Build Similar Website?

adwords clone scriptOnline advertising has been an effective method to promote any products and services. Unlike offline advertising, this one target mores specific audiences in a faster and more competent manner. In today’s saturated online market, having an edge is important to sustain and leverage from the pool of e- commerce.

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The Google AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising method. It is an effective online advertising tool by Google that allows advertisers to display their advertising copy in the web. It is a predefined keyword or set of it that is selected by advertisers to redirect anyone from the current page to their website once clicked. Google has the authority to display and advertise a copy to any partnering websites.

This became Google’s main source of income as advertisers pay once web user clicked on the keyword and has been directed to their website. Being displayed it on partnering websites; percentage of payment to Google is given to them.

Benefits of Google AdWords

AdWords offer various benefits to you business. What are these benefits? See below.

  1. Measurable: You can track your return on investment with Adwords. Adwords can measure marketing campaigns, which cannot be offered by other advertising tools.
  2. Cost- Effective. You only pay once online users clicked your website. You can decide on your budget per advertising. It may vary from $10 to $5000 per day, or more. You have limitless options with AdWords.
  3. Location Targeting: Google AdWords maximizes the advertising exposure to the right market because you are allowed to target specific geographical locations. This means that you can choose where country location your advertisement will show.
  4. Language Targeting: Optimize your online presence and revenue with the 40 language options available at AdWords. You can now target audiences anywhere around the world.

Subscribing to Google AdWords has so much to give to your online business. Some would like to create a copy of this website and start generating money with an online advertising business like AdWords. How will this be possible?

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Best Adwords Clone Script to Create a Website Copy

Below are userful Adwords scripts in creating an AdWords website copy.

  1. XYZ Admarket. Create your own Adwords website clone with the XYZ Admarket. It is a feature rich PHP+ MySQL script with simple and easy to set- up process. With this script, setting up an advertiser- publisher network like AdWords is fast and easy. It also supports banner formats and Pay-per-click advertising.
  2. Orbit Ad Server. In just minutes, launching your Google AdWords website is now simple. Managing your advertisement is easy with its usable design and easy interface. Orbit Ad Server can measure campaigns, manages online advertising, and maximize your return on investment.
  3. Inout PPC Engine. Created by Inout script, Inout PPC engine is powered by PHP +MySQL with feature rich, powerful, convenient, and easy to use platform to create your new advertiser- publisher network. Features include unlimited keywords for banner ads and unlimited advertisers and text banner ads.