Answers Clone Script: How to Build Similar Website?

answers clone scriptThe internet has become an effective platform to interact, discuss, and share experiences. It is also a great place to ask and learn from other each online user. Website like is a great example of this internet- based knowledge exchange website. It includes Reference Answers, Wiki Answers, and Video Answers and supports five international languages, which are French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, and Tagalog. was originally owned by NetShepard and sold to GuruNet afterwards.

clone website

Many people are enjoying this website. There are lots of reasons behind, but let’s check the top criteria of this website why it became the preferred question and answer platform of most online users.

What can you get from

You don’t only get answers to your questions, but you are to build a network that creates engaging relationship between members. See other reasons why love the website.

  1. Many people enjoy because they were able to meet people with the same interest as them. Having this said, because a ground for users across the world to share thoughts and experiences without being judged.
  2. Students love the site because they can get concrete answers for their homework.
  3. You are recognized and appreciated by the people using
  4. People learn everyday from this website. You are free to read anything from the website and learn from what you’re reading.

Being said, it is not impossible that developers would like to create their own question and answer website inspired by Nothing is wrong with that. You can use below php questions and answers script to work on your own website.

Don’t know how to make a website like Etsy? Here is a piece of advice for you!

Best Answers Clone Script for your Website

  1. AskBot. Start building your website with the open source Question and Answer system, AskBot. It is written in Django and Python and supports more than 10 languages. Askbot features include flexibility, search engine optimization, badges, advanced full text search, and more. Users can log-in with their social network like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn because it supports OpenID.
  2. Question2Answer. Create your open online community with the Question2Answer open source software. This is one of the best Question and Answer Systems that offers 4 level deep categories, point based reputation management, better search engine integration, RSS, and e-mail notifications.
  3. Shapado. In less than 8 seconds, you can able to build your own Q&A website. This answer clone script is compared to StackOverflow that is written in mondgoDB, Mongomapper, and ruby.
  4. OSQA. Powered by Django and written by Python, the OSQA offers out of the box features that are perfect in any Q&A community. This complete open-source Q&A system is a GPL licensed and include outstanding features like earning badges and points.
  5. PHPanCake. Start building your own Q&A website with commenting options, voting system, and works like Digg and Stackoverflow.

Building a Question and Answer system like is easy and simple if you use the above website clone scripts. They are all easy to set up and offers impeccable features that you’ll surely love.