Best Services for Cloning

While the big player in the industry brings in ton of revenue, a Facebook clone could actually end up being profitable and have lower overhead. There are many people who want to make an amazing site that’s going to generate plenty of funds for them. Having a fully functional website that does something takes a great deal of time and resources. Designing something like a Groupon clone from scratch can end up costing a great deal of money. However, there are sites that can make a clone for far less than someone might imagine that it would and this can help struggling businesses to get off the bus running.

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Site Clone Design Businesses

Our experts went through each site that could design something like a Facebook clone for their clientele. We noticed, of course, that there are plenty of scams and other similar problems when looking through these kinds of things, but there were ten good sites amongst the chaff that we can really recommend:

1) Famous Scripts is more than just a clone site. It’s really a full-fledged service that offers many different features for those looking to design something new. Webmasters who thought to themselves that they could improve on a site instead of just copying it might want to have a look at this one.

2) Agriya has become popular with those who want to make a clone website on an individual basis, and the site is geared toward custom off-the-wall designs.

3) Clone PHP is an excellent site for those who are also trying to clone some type of database information from an existing site.

4) NCrypted, as the name suggests, can help users to clone sites that have to have some sort of security feature. Remember that even something like Groupon or Facebook needs these sorts of features.

5) Clone Scripts is a site that doesn’t beat around the bush. Those who want to duplicate the entire script of a site should head over to it.

6) Script Copy is a good bet for those who already know what they’re looking for and want to make a duplicate of everything a site does. Those who want functionality without having to change too much will probably flock to this one.

7) Website Scripts has a directory of scripts that can be built up right out of the box. A script can be downloaded and then a site is reconstructed from it. PHP scripts will then be used to rebuild the site up from the ground.

8) Those who want to produce a copy of a very well known site should head on over to Clone Script Directory, which has a compiled code list of solutions to reproduce extremely well known sites. Those who know exactly what they want will probably be able to find it.

9) Clone Idea is a great place to find new models and site design for clones, especially for those who might be looking for something they might not otherwise have thought of. The site lists many different types of concepts, and might be good for those not up on the latest popular sites.

10) Just Clone sells unique PHP scripts that are open source and fully capable of being edited. They’re quite affordable too, which will make them popular with smaller businesses that have a tighter budget.

Choosing Between Options

Some features are free, and there are areas that someone can download a complete PHP script and start working out of the box without having to pay anyone. Those who have experience in the field of Web design and know plenty about code will certainly want to give these a try. However many people lack these skills. The other sites that offer a full professional treatment will naturally appeal to those who might not have the kind of experience that would be necessary to work with this sort of material. Either way they all provide a serious option for those looking to get down to work and create a clone of an existing site.