Best Ways to Develop a Forum Clone

social networking scriptMaking a new social networking script isn’t all that difficult, but there are some things to take into consideration when writing it. We’ll need to craft our new social network scripts around the idea of an online message board. Individual conversations will need to be divided up into threads that users can peruse and read over. These conversations will have to be stored. They can be closed when they’re done, but still left in a state that can be read in the future. We’ll need some other social clone features, like the ability to like posts. There might be a numerical system that shows individual user’s prestige.

clone website

When we write the social networking script we’ll need these options:

  • Facebook integration
  • Some other social network scripts that can provide integration with the Twitter platform
  • An admin panel that’s accessible through a separate app
  • Moderation options through the admin panel
  • The ability to add in events
  • Posting functions for users
  • Registration functions for both users as well as moderators
  • Answering feature for those who ask questions
  • Profile pages that users can customize
  • Signatures that users can add at the bottom of each of their posts

Writing this type of a forum clone website or an auction clone shouldn’t be too difficult, since most of this functionality already exists. The type of person that might want to use a social clone that works like this one totally depends on what specific topic the site decides to promote. There are forum sites on basically any specific topic, and there are also some very general ones too.

More often than not sites have a general section that tends to get the highest number of posts regardless of what topic the forum actually purports to be about anyway. Regardless, developing a forum clone around a single topic is the best way to ensure that people have something to talk about. Administrators and moderators could of course start their own threads to encourage discussion if things are at all sleepy. Depending on the topic in question, these moderators may end up being looked at as a specific type of professional in their own right.