Building a Website with WordPress: Guideline for Beginners

building a website with wordpressIs building a website with WordPress difficult?

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to use for a blog, website, or even a full blown ecommerce site. One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease by which you can actually set up and use your site. This article will walk you briefly through the steps that you need to take for building a website with WordPress.

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Installing your WordPress site or blog

The first step is to actually create your installation of WordPress for your site or blog. Most hosts make this very simple and provide you with a “one click” installation process that is very simple to use. To make use of this go to the hosting providers control panel which you will have been given an address for and a password when you signed up for their hosting package. So for instance for Hostgator you will be logging into what they call the cpanel. If you are unsure, have a look at how to choose the best host for WordPress

Assuming that you have already purchased a domain name for your site you will follow the following steps to build a website with WordPress:

  • Find “add domain” on the control panel; many WordPress tutorials for beginners forget to provide you this step and if you do not add your domain name through here you will not be able to do the one click installation. Just click this and provide the details for your new domain name.
  • Look on the cPanel under the section for Software/Services and click the icon for “QuickInstall”; this will open the Quick Install window through which you can install WordPress.
  • On the left of the new window you will see “Blog Software” and below this “WordPress”. Select WordPress and then click “Continue” in the main window.
  • You will then be prompted for the information for your new site which you should fill in the relevant boxes.
  • Click “Install Now”.
  • Make a note of the link to your WordPress admin page and the username and password that you will need to use.

Installing your WordPress files for your website really is that simple. Once you have completed the above you can then log into your actual WordPress site using the username and password that you have through the link.

Build Website with WordPress

Installing your WordPress files is only the very first step in building a website with wordpress. Now that you have logged into your admin area you can view the dashboard and begin actually customizing your site to make it look as you want. Your site will start out using the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme and you can actually access your site right from this point although the content will only be the example information that the site will come pre-loaded with. Now you can actually begin to start building a website with wordpress that is going to look just how you want it to:

Change or customize your theme: The theme is the template that your website is built around. If you look on the menu bar on your dashboard which runs down the left of the screen you will see “Appearance”, when you hover your mouse here you will see another set of options and you will want to select “Themes”. From this page you can then select different themes for your site and can see how each will look.

Add content for your site: You can delete the posts that are currently there as examples and then start to write your own. By selecting “Posts” then “Add New” you will be able to start adding content to your site.

Modify Menus: By selecting “Appearance” then “Menus” you can change the appearance of the menu bars that are displayed on your site and also the actual content of those menus.

Modify Sidebars and footers: Select “Appearance” then widgets and you will be able to change what will appear within each of the sidebars and footer areas of the theme you have selected. This could include anything from blocks of text to advertisements.

Plugins: Plugins are like small additional programs that you can add to your base WordPress installation. They provide additional functionality that is not immediately there from the basic WordPress installation. Plugins can provide you with everything from a subscription form through SEO functionality to placing a like button for Facebook.

Often building a website with WordPress can be a lot of trial and error as you experiment with different themes and styles of posts to achieve the look that you want for your site. The good thing is that it can be difficult to “break” your site at this stage so feel free to experiment with building a website with WordPress.