Building a Wholesale Website Clone – Focusshopping Clone Story

Building a Wholesale Website Clone - Focusshopping Clone StoryWholesale businesses are undeniably one of the fast- growing industries today. With the born of internet, business owners are turning to the web to create an e-commerce website to make a more convenient way of transaction between the site and buyers. In this post, we will share some basic yet important whole sale website schemes to make it more appealing and user-friendly. Besides, developing a shirt design website is a competitive business in the market today. Know more about it by clicking here!

clone website

Building a Clone

The clone is one of the wholesale websites you can grab ideas with. They offer different products that you might want to cater, too.  Providing ease and wide varieties of sections, shipping methods, payment methods, Focushopping became one of the leading choice of customers for their wholesale needs.

If you are planning to build wholesale website design, consider several criteria to make every transaction worth the pay. Aside from the ease you’ll provide the customers, make sure that transactions will be fast and smooth.

A Wholesale Website Design

A wholesale section is recommended if you plan to start a wholesale website. In this way, buyers will only see the wholesale prices of your products. This provides an impeccable shopping experience because buyer would no longer search for the bulk price after the retail prices.

  1. Create your website by hiring a professional web developer. It’s either within your place or someone working remotely. As long as you know what you want, relay the information to your developer to create the website design.
  2. Buy a web hosting site. Decide your website’s name and determine if it still available or not.
  3. Design your website interface with ease and simplicity. Navigation should be convenient. Product presentation must be simple that buyer will simply understand the product details at the first look.
  4. Choose a payment method. PayPal is the most recommended method to send payment. But if you have something in mind that is more reliable, you are free to integrate so.
  5. In your ecommerce website, a wholesale button is necessary.  This will present that you have a section that only caters wholesale products. Log-in details for the customers should be made. This includes name, address, contact number, e-mail address, and other information necessary for the transaction. After the customer signs up, they should be directed to the wholesale page, where they will see the general prices of the merchandize. Specific details should be included. For an instance, 6 shirts cost $20. A savings should be also indicated.
  6. Once ready for the website launching, do some marketing. Market and advertise your website and products through posting on social media accounts, or using other forms of media like radio and newspaper.
  7. Make sure that prices and stocks are updated accordingly. In this way, you will avoid hassle and delay of transactions. Through this, you’ll be earning the trust of your customers.

The Wholesale Website Jump start

Following above guidelines will help in building your wholesale website. This will be a great jump start for business owners. If you have a physical shop, creating an online store is helpful to boost revenues and popularity. In addition, you may know more about how to create a job search website on our site.