Clone a Dating Website

Dating WebsiteWe’re working on a dating website clone, and we need some welcome copy for the home page of it. While it does have many of the features that one might expect in a dating website for teens, we hope to go for a more mature and adult basis. That means that while the copy has to be in a friendly tone, it also has to be written in proper English with decent grammar for both a US and UK audience. All copy made for the site also has to be free of any sort of typographical errors.

clone website

When we make this new dating website we’ll need:

  • Welcome copy
  • Proper US grammar
  • Potentially a separate screen for incoming UK and Commonwealth users
  • Correct spellings and spell-checked content
  • Copy that’s entirely unique
  • Writing that doesn’t resemble any other dating website for teens
  • Friendly introduction
  • Persuasive text that makes people want to sign up for the site
  • 1,500 words of text.

Users who access a new dating website are probably adult singles, or at least late teens and therefore already of legal age. The welcome copy may wish to state that only those 18 years of age and over are welcome to sign up, but this will depend on some various aspects of legal features brought up by that department in the end. These aspects will all depend on how the site is set up in the end, and the writer will need to remain in contact with the individual sourcing the order to make sure that everything is met properly. This is true of so many of these types of orders.

That being said there actually is a great deal of opportunity here because of the sheer number of people who might want to use a site like this. Many people have turned to online dating only to find that the people around aren’t really looking for a serious relationship, so the right kind of copy here can bring in a group of users who aren’t otherwise the type to want to use online dating. While there is a cap of 1,500 words, there may be an ultimate opportunity to provide instructions and the like in order to teach individuals how to correctly sign up for the services.