Want a YouTube-Like Site? We’re On It!

Always wanted to start you own video sharing website like YouTube? Now, it is time to get back to this idea. Youtube clone site is a reliable and robust video distribution platform with latest social networking features. Powered by fully featured PHP script, your clone website script is a perfect tool for video creating and sharing. Whether you are a small fan club or a big Multi Tier network operator, this lookalike will fulfill your video sharing needs.

clone website

How Will Youtube Clone Site Work?

The platform enables users to upload, view and share videos plus has the latest social networking features. It also utilizes your server resource effectively. It allows you and your site clients to effectively convert all popular formats of video to FLV in any ASP, ASP.net or PHP servers. So, basically it let you create a site like YouTube video easily and without further ado. No need for codec or the like stuff. And remember about effective use of resources.

How Do I Use Youtube Clone Website?

It will help to build your own highly profitable YouTube reproduce online video sharing community. It is by far the best choice to meet your personal or business video hosting needs, and can be applied to Web servers, blogs, forums and other interactive areas. Well, give you one good idea. Internet users love videos and most of them have a Facebook account. You find and add viral videos from YouTube. In order to watch these videos visitor must share the video on Facebook. Simple, isn’t it? You can also write your own title, description and get even more organic traffic from major search engines.

Can I Afford Clone Website Like You Tube?

Yes, while your clone website is a versatile video sharing and hosting solution it stays light on your pocket. So, whenever you think of media sharing website with market leading social networking think low cost. And think us!

We will bring you a totally new experience of web site developing that will astonish you! It is simple and clear. And it saves a lot of money for you. Do not hesitate to contact to learn more details!