Create Your Best Practo Clone

Want to create a doctor appointment website like Practo? It’s easy! And if you have not practiced this yet, here you will find the answers on your questions about website clones.

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In Practor, you’ll be able to set appointment with a physician in a more comfortable and easy way. More than earning, Practo doctors aims to help the mankind live longer through healthier way of living. Through providing them with the best and right doctors, your family is secured. They also aid in making better healthcare decisions once necessary.

Practo was design with simplicity and accuracy. Anyone who’ll visit the site can instantly navigate the page without complexity. It’s easy to book a doctor from a specific place and specialties. With Practo, you can set health appointments in just few clicks. This is the reason why some wants to create a Practo clone.

What are the Practo Modules?

The Practo healthcare platform includes useful website modules and features, which makes it the preferred online booking website of people.

You can also learn about Booking clone, if you need to make similar website.

To access the website, you have to register an account. If you’re already registered, just log-in. In the landing page, you’ll see search boxes that’ll ask for your current location. This search boxes will help you find a doctor for your specific needs. Choose one from the following categories in the drop-down menu:

  1. Dentist
  2. Gynecologist
  3. General Physicial
  4. Dermatologist
  5. Ear-nose-throat specialist
  6. Homeopath
  7. Ayurveda
  8. Thyroid Profile
  9. Lipid Profile
  10. Complete Blood Count

Almost all visitors admire the simplicity of the site that’s why it gains fame than the others.

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How to Clone Practo Website?

You would be thinking that cloning website is tricky. Well, in some ways. However, if you use a reliable clone script like Readymade Doctor Appointment Booking Script, you’ll instantly want to start your own.

With Readymade Doctor Appointment Booking Script, start building a Practo-like website with more 120 features. It also offers online payment gateway, multi-language, and social media sharing.

If you still don’t know how to make Practo clone website, contact our professional team of developers now!