Create Your Own Dailymotion Clone Website

dailymotion cloneAnyone who enjoys video sharing and uploading will surely love the Dailymotion website. Dailymotion is a French video- sharing site that allows user to watch, share, and upload their created video. This platform is made of mix contents from online contributors, who are distinguished as premium partners and independent creators. Having the website available online, anyone can share and watch videos anywhere they are. It has 35 localized versions and support 18 different languages featuring local contents and local home pages.

clone website

Creating a Dailymotion clone website is easy with the free and available scripts on the web. Many online users are eyeing to build similar sites like Dailymotion because it offers countless benefits that boost online traffic and increase revenue. So what can you get from the Dailymotion?

What’s in with Dailymotion?

With Dailymotion, users can upload and browse for videos by searching channels, tags, or user- created groups. You can upload video with a maximum size of 4 GB per file and limited to 60 minutes length. Official users and motion makers are allowed to create and share videos longer than the maximum 60 minutes for regular users.

Uploading videos comes in simple steps, which will not take too much of your time. You can upload a video direct from your PC or webcam. It also works in through browsing a system and a video player.

New features are added that improves the website’s functionality, thus increase users engagement and interaction. Users can now recommend and follow videos, add friends, and subscribe to channels. Through the embedded players, Dailymotion users can easily link videos to blogs and other social networking sites. They also added advertising banners to increase profit insider the video- sharing platform.

Didn’t you know an fmylife clone can be built quite easily? Glance at the tips!

How to Create a Site Like Dailymotion?

There are useful lists of scripts available online to create your own You can now work on the website without the need of becoming a programmer therefore; it’s easier to build a website than it is before.

  1. AllShareVideo: Create your own website with the advanced features of AllShareVideo including video player, customizable profile form, personal channels, and more. You can take advantage of similar benefits the Dailymotion website offers.
  2. Channel: Channel script allows users to upload a blockbuster video through the video management system. It’s rich with element for an innovative video sharing than enhances user’s video collection in the site.
  3. ClipShare: Build a Dailymotion inspired website that will give you higher income. More than a video- sharing platform, Clipshare allows you to engage people around the world through adding friends, and recommending videos.
  4. Inout Videos: The Inout videos is a script that works on Php+MySQL. It has feature rich, powerful, and customizable functions that optimize your website. This is one of the leading Dailymotion scripts you can use to build an outstanding video- sharing platform.

Use any of the scripts above to get the benefits offered by Dailymotion through your own video- sharing platform!