Developing a Perfect Affiliate Clone

odigger website cloneWhen making an oDigger website clone, we’ll need to use the WordPress platform. The original site used a different platform that probably dealt with a combination of discrete HTML as well as violate-state PHP. This combination makes it somewhat efficient, but it isn’t modular. A WordPress theme could be used in a variety of places, and it could also be modularly constructed so that new affiliate data and new marketing features could just be added as plug-in features onto an existing blog structure. This is far easier than working with a PHP database and having to restructure the site constantly.

clone website

When we make our affiliate clone, we’ll need the following options:

  • WordPress system structure that is modularly designed
  • Administration page that allows the posting of new articles
  • News feed for blog postings as well as ready access to social bookmarks
  • About us section
  • Contact information
  • Logos for additional affiliates
  • Banner sections
  • A designed artistic rendering for use as a logo
  • Instructions for people new to affiliate marketing
  • Network reviews for those who are considering opting with a specific network
  • Comments section for those who want to reply to various stories

Web developers, freelance workers and various other independent contractors will be most likely to have a look at an oDigger website clone. Many individuals who live and work at home will probably want to have a look at site like this. Those who are members of an existing affiliate network are very likely to actually join an affiliate clone as well, since they’re guaranteed to at least expand their opportunities even if they don’t expand how much they actually make.

People who work in these kinds of areas are often looking to make additional money in their spare time, and affiliate marketing programs provide a way for them to do so. Google and other major affiliate marketing giants have started to wane in the last few months, which means that people who run their own blogs will probably want to have a look at this new site as well. They might be looking for a new opportunity to post ads on their site.

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