Don’t Know How to Build Website Similar to Craiglist? We can Help!

website similar to craigslistVariety of websites is available to help business owners advertise their offerings. However, it doesn’t guarantee them to reach the desired audiences. Moreover, banners are also expensive and that would thorn them down without getting any profit in return. With this, e-commerce turned to Craiglist to get new customers, advertise their products, and make their business profitable. For an instance, car repair shops can promote repair services. Landscapers also use Craiglist to reach lawn service customers.

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Using the perfect advertising platform would help you reach your target and help turn these audiences to profit. In this post, you will learn about Craiglist and how to create a website similar to Craiglist.

What are the benefits of Craiglist?

  1. Local: Once you posted an advertisement in Craiglist, you are sure that you’re hitting the right audiences. Craiglist has collection of websites with classified ads for specific metro areas and cities. The platform offer opportunities for users to search for products and services just within the area and not beyond the country.
  2. Free: Users can post advertisement to Craiglist for free. It is important to understand that you can only post one promotional ads for every 48 hours. The advertisement should directly go to the “services offered” category.
  3. Established: Craiglist ranked seventh in the United State’s most- popular websites. It garners more than 60 million visitors monthly. Advertising at Craiglist guarantees you to receive more views.

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How Can We Clone Craiglist?

If you want to build a website like Craiglist, you can use below lists of craiglist clone script.

  • AJ Classifieds V4- Classifieds Ads software

– One of the best and effective ways to clone craiglist. It has advanced and complete features to set- up your won craiglist clone website. Business owners can receive better and outstanding classified platforms at par of beyond the level of existing classified ads website.

  • XYZ Classifieds

– This script ahs all the best features you can use to build your own classified ads. It is simple and feature rich PHP+ MySQL based that caters all your needs to start your own website.

  • Craiglist Gold

– Craiglist Clone Gold is another feature- rich, powerful, and convenient classifieds solution that helps you post classified ads with ease, just like posting in the popular Craiglist website. It works the same with other websites, too.

  • Craiglist Clone Script

– Build a seamless craiglist Clone with the Craiglist Clone Script. This is an out- of- the- box, open source, and turnkey software to copy a Craiglist. It supports pre- loaded categories, varieties of cities and regions, auto- repots, multiply city posting, sponsor ad, pay per post, category prices, and more. It also comes with free setup and installation.

You can now jumpstart creating your own Craiglist cloned website using any of the above script. Start advertising your products and services and ensure maximum reach of your promotion. Gain more profit and increase your revenue with the Craiglist clone.