EzineArticles: How to Copy a Website Code?

how to copy a website codeEzine is a popular article directly, where publishers and writers can post their submissions for free. They website also allows Ezine and web publishers to republish articles from the site, as long as they follow certain provisions. Submissions are edited by human editors before publishing it. Human editors consider grammar, spelling, and sentence structure to post an article.

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EzineArticles.com is a great platform to generate traffic to your website. With over 36,000 Expert authors who publish and hare their unique article, your website will surely leverage. The article directory reached more than 30 million monthly visitors, so rest assured your website will benefit from sharing articles in EzineArticles.

EzineArticle Website Features

Once you successfully have published your articles at EzineArticles.com, you will get instant benefits from the article directory.

  1. Boost your Business and Personal Credibility. Once your article is published EzineArticle.com, it is the start of your rising popularity. Your credibility as a writer or publisher is boosted. You will gain trust from your readers. Most novice writer’s jumpstart with this article directory because it is an effective platform to an excellent future as a writer or publisher.
  2. Successfully Market your Business. With over 30 million viewers, getting ample website traffic is possible. If you publish articles at the directory, you’ll gain more traffic than the usual. EzineArticles helps you gain these traffics; it’s now on your hands on how you’ll turn them into sales.
  3. Receive relevant and quality leads to your website. People who read and click on your website link (s) are considered qualified prospects of your business. Of course, when they read about your article, they are interested about what you can offer.

Only three EzineArticles.com features are mentioned above and we still have more to offer you. The online article directory are useful in efficient in sending your website good traffic. You can also have your websie similar to EzineAticles through using reliable scripts.

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EzineArticle Clone Website Scripts

Creating a website clone is simple. You don’t need expert web developers to do similar websites to EzineArticle, because free and paid scripts are now available. You can do it yourself. See below list of website script to help your build your EZineArticle directory.

  1. Article Directory Script: You don’t need to worry on how to create a website code because the Article Directory script is here to offer a modern, profitable, and SEO optimized website. You can surely encourage more authors and writers to submit quality and fresh content on your directory.
  2. PHP ArticlebBase Ultimate: This is a feature rich, powerful, and fully customizable script that helps you publish your own article directory. You can post unlimited number of articles and accommodate millions of publishers to your website. PHPArticlebBase Ultimate is also a Search Engine Optimized script.
  3. PHP Articles Script: Take advantage of PHP Articles script in building a website like EzineArticles. It includes useful features like SEO friendly URL’s, admin panel, comments system, following users feature, limitless categories and subcategories, complete smarty template system, and Google AdSense that will help you grow as a online article directory.

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