How to Build a Classified Clone

classified cloneWhen we work on our classified clone website, we’ll need to consider the most advanced website portals that are currently in the business and play off some of the features that they’ve successfully promoted thus far. Clickindia and Quikr are probably the two best sites to base a clone script off of. They’re fairly close in scope to what we’re currently looking for. Users will have to be able to post and reply to classified ads, and much of the site will have to have a local focus since many transactions will ultimately take place in person. This should help to ensure that the classified clone competes readily with print resources that clients still might rely on.

clone website

When we write the actual clone script code, we’ll need the following features:

  • A registration feature for users of the classified clone site
  • A clone script system that works in the vein of large portal sites like Clickindia
  • Regional divisions to keep people close to the ads that they’re working with
  • Mobile optimization to make sure that the clone script loads equally as well on all devices
  • Image options to upload or link images inside of classified ads
  • Potentially templates for users to work with when they post
  • Global ads for those who have cyberspace businesses and want to post a classified ad
  • A section for personals
  • A section for sales
  • Help wanted and employment sections
  • Contact information for individual users

Making a classified clone as well as an Airbnb clone is great because it can attract a customer base for regions that don’t really yet have this kind of resource. There are plenty of places where a classified clone might end up being extremely influential merely because print resources are really the only places that anyone has to take out an ad. Individual clients are likely to post many different types of ads, which should help when it comes time to keep people coming back. Some individuals are actually likely to stumble across the site when they’re looking for something specifically mentioned inside of an ad. These users may eventually take to using the site for their own purposes if they like it.