How to Build a Website like Yelp?

how to build a website like yelpYelp is a crowd sourcing review website in San Francisco, California. This American multinational corporation hosts, develops, and markets Yelp mobile app and Aside from encouraging customers to leave reviews, the site trains small scale businesses to host social events for reviewers, effectively respond to reviews, and provide valuable information about the business.

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Founded by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simons, Yelp has increased its revenue and continuously raised the crowd- funding system. It gained more than $30 profit by 2010, and published over 4.5 million reviews. It expanded to Asia and Europe and became a public company by year 2012. receives 71 million reviews and 135 million monthly visitors making the website the leading crowd- funding review website. Business advertising is their primary source of profit.

Why you should use Yelp?

Small businesses can use Yelp to improve website raking through increased traffic and positive reviews. Unlike other website, Yelp don’t ask customers to leave reviews, instead they let them share their experiences. What are the benefits of Yelp and why should you use it for your business?

Using help increase your chances of getting the hottest deal nearby. Since the website is a juggernaut, it provides the latest deals everywhere around America, or even around the world. Aside from being a re view platform, events and special deals are being offered here.

Create connection with Yelpers anywhere in the globe. Jus tlike Facebook, you can follow and interact with co- Yelpers. It’s also easier to communicate with businesses as you can send direct messages to them.

Yelp is a place to send balanced reviews and opinions of customer’s experience and not a rant website. Majority of posts here get 3 stars above.

Through Yelp, businesses can reach wider audiences and gain more profit once used correctly.

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How to Create a Yelp Clone?

You may be thinking of creating a review website akin to Yelp, however have no ideas how to start. Stop asking the question”How to Build a Website like Yelp?” You don’t need to because we have available Yelp clones scripts to do the job for you. You don’t need to be technically literate because even common web browsers can set up a Yelp- inspired website.

  1. BizReview

If you want to create a website like Yelp, the BizReview Yelp script is here for you. This script offers useful listings and directories of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife venues, and travel destinations. Visitors can easily browse on categories they want with this feature. Included in the BizReview are 3 homepages, listing categories, 2 blog styles, and other relevant features that make the website outstanding.

  1. GeoTheme

To clone a website, create your own Global directory and let your visitors find the best deals for them. This script has useful features, which creates an outstanding website.

  1. Meeplace

This clone script is a Social review Directory for products, businesses, people, and places. It also supports classifieds, events, and deals for free. This is a great clone script to build your own Yelp website.