How To Build A Website With Joomla is a content management system that helps users build their own websites. Building a website with Joomla is popular because it is user friendly, and comes with great extensibility. In recognition of its ease of use and popularity, Joomla has scooped awards for being the content management system that is trusted by millions for their websites. The kind of people who are using Joomla to build a website even include the movie star, Leonardo Di Caprio! So it’s time to learn how to make a website with Joomla!

How To Build A Website With Joomla

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Joomla is known for its ease of use, and it is well known that even beginners can build a Joomla website from scratch in less than an hour. To help you along on your way, let’s take a look at some hints and tips that you should bear in mind when building website with Joomla.

First, you need to download Joomla to your PC or laptop, before unzipping it and copying it into a WWW file. Then, double-click the icon before heading over to “start all services”.

Installing Joomla doesn’t take too long, but whilst you’re waiting, why not try and come up with some inspiration for your website?

Okay, next step:

How To Build A Website With Joomla: Site Structure

When we talk about site structure, we’re referring to the various menus your website will have.
These often include:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Latest News
  • Blog
  • Contact Page

Before building website with Joomla, you will need to have a good idea of your site flow. You need to be sure of which menus you will have, and where each one will lead.

Add Content Via Articles

Every single bit of content will be stored in something Joomla refers to as “Articles.”
Before creating content, you need article categories. To create these categories, go to Content > Category Manager. There will be a default category titled “Uncategorised.” In here, you can please your static pages, such as About Us and Contact Us.

how to build a website with joomla

If, however, you will be having lots of articles – such as are found on a blog site – it is best to name your categories.

Once you have sorted your categories, you can then create articles. Go to Content > Article Manager, and then select the New button. You can then add an article title, select a category, before entering your article text. Because you are just starting out, we suggest creating a “Welcome!” article for your home page. You don’t need to categorise this one.

how to build a website with joomla

Building A Website With Joomla: Create A Main Menu

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Next up, you need a navigation menu. Head over to Menus > Menu Manager. Joomla will have already installed a Main Menu by default, which contains a link to your home page. If you decide not to change this, your featured articles will be displayed on your Home menu. To change this, you can click on Home before pressing Select. A window will popup, where you need to select Articles > Single Article. You are then given the chance to choose the article you want on your home page. Click Select/Change to impose a new article.

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Pros of Using Joomla To Build A Website


build a joomla websiteUnlike WordPress, Joomla can handle e-commerce websites. There are numerous extensions available for such websites, which make Joomla the standout choice for e-commerce sites.


how to build a website with joomlaUnlike a number of its rivals, Joomla is really flexible and intuitive when it comes to editing the structure and content of your website. You won’t feel as though you’re constantly bashing your head against a brick wall, but will instead be amazed by how easy it is!

Suitable For Most People

building a website with joomlaAlthough we would refrain from saying that Joomla is suitable for beginners, you certainly don’t have to be a pro to use it. It’s a little bit more complex than some of its rivals, but you can still build a Joomla website in under an hour.

Cons Of Building A Website With Joomla

It’s Complex

As mentioned above, Joomla is more complex than its rivals, particularly WordPress. Now, this is only a con if you’re not a developer, of course. The flip side of this is that it offers more than WordPress does and developers will find it impressive.

Limited Module Marketplace

WordPress comes with something like 30,000 plug-ins, whereas Joomla has about 6,000. This does limit its scope and reach for customisation. At the same time, though, do you really need all those plugins? What you really need is splash screen design for your website.

It Can Be Heavy To Run

Joomla websites don’t always run and load as smoothly or as quickly as we’d like. With that in mind, Joomla is still used by millions all over the world.

Don’t like Joomla? Don’t worry, you can create website with WordPress!

And if you want professionals to build a Joomla website for you, contact us right away!