How To Build A Website With WordPress is one of the most popular content management software available on the Internet. Powerful and user-friendly, WordPress is an effective content management platform that comes with thousands of plugins. Building a website with WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create a brand new website or blog.

How To Build A Website With WordPress

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Building website with WordPress is super easy because the software itself guides you through the whole process, from your initial concept to the moment your page goes live. WordPress is designed for both beginners and pros, and comes with a very simple interface. To help you through this process, let’s take a look at some hints and tips you’ll need as you create a website with WordPress.

Get Inspired

When building a website with WordPress, it’s easy to get stuck for a theme straight away. What do you want your website to look like? What colors do you want? It’s at this point that you will require a bit of inspiration. Fortunately, WordPress is home to a whole host of templates and plugins that help to give you a bit of inspiration. You can also customize your designs with the custom design upgrade.

How To Build A Website With WordPress: Create A Home Page

If you’ve opted for a default blog setup like most users do, your latest posts will be displayed on your front page. If, however, you want a more traditional website, you need to set a static “home” page. To do this, you need to go to your dashboard and add a new page. Your new page should be titled “Home.”

how to build a website with wordpress

Then, launch the Site Customizer. You will see a tab on the left which says Static Front Page. Click the Static Page option and choose your new page from the drop down menu titled Front Page.

how to build a website with wordpress

Your newly selected page will become the front page of your site. Now, save your changes before creating a custom menu.

Add More Pages

When you create a website with WordPress, you will invariably want to add more pages. Again, you need to Add New on the Pages menu. You need to then add the title of the page, before adding some content.

how to build a website with wordpress

The Publish section you will find is the same as it is for writing posts; when you’re ready to publish, you can either save it now or you can publish it right away.

how to build a website with wordpress

To order your pages, you can use the Order box. Normally, your pages will be arranged alphabetically, but you can choose to order them numerically.

how to build a website with wordpress

This is the essence of your website. You can then play around with a few features, such as disabling comments, adding comment boxes, and installing plugins.

Pros Of Building A Website With WordPress


how to build a website with wordpressWordPress takes little time to learn, and is ideal for both pros and beginners alike. It’s user friendly, simple and users can dive in straight away.

SEO Friendly

building website with wordpressSEO is important if you want your website to find its way to the front page of Google, and WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly content management software systems there is. Moreover, the more plugins you use, the more SEO friendly WordPress is!

Convenient To Use

create website with wordpressWordPress is made specifically for the mass market, and as such its admin interface is remarkably simplistic and convenient for anyone to use.

Low Price

building website with wordpressThere are free versions of WordPress and there are paid versions, but even the paid versions are relatively inexpensive. So this is the right choice if you are looking for a free website building.

Cons of Building Website With WordPress

Lack of Flexibility

There is no doubt about it; WordPress just isn’t designed for large content websites. If you’re looking to develop, for example, an e-commerce site, you might find that WordPress is not up to the task. Okay, it can be up to the task, but the costs can escalate.

Updates Can Be Damaging

Updates are necessary to improve security, but because WordPress is home to thousands of plugins, updates can damage plugins that just haven’t adapted to the changes. Basically, WordPress releases system updates that are good for WordPress, but that are not necessarily good for you.

WordPress Sites Look Like Each Other

Try as you might, it can be hard to distinguish your WordPress site from any other. When you create a website with WordPress, you might be determined to create something original but you may well end up with “just another WordPress site.” Also there is a great variety of free themes and additional page builders like Optimizepress that may help you in building a great and custom website.

Slow Speed

WordPress is not all that quick, thanks to oodles of generic code. Loading speeds are slowed down, which is not good for improving conversions and bounce rates.

Hosting is a part of a big process, too. That’s why it would be useful for you to follow these online website hosting tips.

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