How to Build Stack Overflow Clone?

stack overflow cloneStack overflow is a flagship site of Stack Exchange created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood in 2008. The website was developed as an alternative to Experts- Exchange, a Q & A site that discusses different topics about computer programming.

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Users can ask questions and participate in discussing through this platform. They can vote, answer, and edit questions similar to Digg and wiki. Stack Overflow also awards reputation points and badges to uses who receive “up” vote from their answer. For every bvalued contribution at Stack Overflow, users can get a badge as a gamification of the traditional forum.

Stack Overflow has 4 million registered users as of 2014 and 11,000,000 questions posted. JavaScript, C#, Java, jQuery, Python, Android, and HTML are the top eight most discussed topics in the platform. This is the reason why you can see sprouting stack overflow websites online.

The Benefits of Stack Overflow

Using the Stack Overflow serves various benefits to users. Stack Overflow gives you the following benefits:

  1. You can promote yourself and improve your ranking at the website. This happens if you gain reputation and earn badges from answering questions in the site.
  2. Users considered the website as the fastest means to get answers to computer programming related topics. Members actively participate and every discussion so everyone can get relevant answers in no time.
  3. According to feedback, Stack Overflow improves user’s knowledge on particular topics and deepens their understanding with the active discussion from the website.

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Best Clone Website Scripts

With the benefits offered by Stack Overflow, online web developers are eyeing to clone the platform. Aside from paying programmers to do the job, you can start cloning stack overflow using the reliable clone website scripts.

  1. Answer Script: This clone script is considered the best and famous script to create outstanding question and answer website like Stack Overflow. It is coded in Ajax technology and offers useful features that allow you to do similar activities in Stack Overflow. It comes with a modern effect that amazes users with its responsiveness.
  2. Question2Answer (Q2A): Create a Stack Overflow- inspired website using the Question2Answer clone script. It is an open source Q&A script that is built in MySQL and PHP platform. This clone script is used in more than 5,664 sites of 40 countries. You will surely get the advantage of building your own Q&A community with Question2Answer (Q2A).
  3. ScriptFolder: Improve your online presence by creating your own Q&A community through ScriptFolder. This clone script creates an amazing and responsive website that is SEO and user- friendly. You can now start participating to discussions and forums in your own Stack Overflow clone site.
  4. Phpancake: Create your answer and question platform using the open source system of Phpancake. All questions and answers submitted to the website are moderated before posting through voting system.

Building a Stack Overflow clone comes with simple steps using the above clone scripts. Start participating into discussions to gain reputation and badges.