How to Create a Job Search Website – Our Story about Clone

How to Create a Job Search Website - Our Story about CloneCreating a job search website or for instance TheGuardian Clone is a great jump start in building a career online. Since many people are hunting for a job, an increase of traffic and popularity is possible, as long as you are providing reliable and legit job openings. Developing a website is tough, especially if you are not familiar and adept at creating web pages. In this post, we will provide brief guidelines on how to create a job search website.

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How to create a job search website?

A job search website is one kind of online niche that ensures growth and success. One classic example is the is the leading job search engine in North Africa and Middle East that provide job seekers with access to the latest job openings within the vicinity. Through this, job hunting made easy and convenient. Every job opening available on the internet is aggregated and published to an extensive database. Each vacancy is linked to the originating website to provide the comprehensive job description.

The website has a quick and easy interface so users can engage with advanced search tools to find the best jobs for their expertise. Moreover, subscribing to the website allows them to receive last job openings daily or weekly.

How to create a job website?

  1. You can also create your own Job search engine like Visit the website and if possible, sign up in it to log in on its main interface. In that way, you’ll learn the very juice of the site. Through searching the best job search websites, you’ll learn about the signing up process, navigation, convenience, and other website aspects, which you can adapt or improve for your site.
  2. A domain name is necessary in building your job search engine. Purchase your domain name with less expense. Use .com, .info, .net, and .biz for your web site’s domain.
  3. Utilize Google for the best web host to maintain your site’s content and traffic. It may cost you a monthly expense, but provides best and competitive services in return. Research the list of reliable web hosting and determine which one meets your requirements and budgets.
  4. Make an appealing website through designing it to your style. Utilize software like Site-build-it or xcitepro to make your scheme, if not, hire a freelance web designer. He will be responsible of your website.
  5. Contact employers and human resources to post job openings on your site. will help in adding job vacancies, too. Once you gain more traffic and visitors, more employers and companies will post on your job search engine.

The Final Strategy in Building a Job Search Site

Once you have ample job openings, market your website through other means. Link your site social media accounts and target group of people who will benefit from your website. You can also place advertisements through the web, newspapers, or radio ads.

Building a Job search website or gaming website clone is not easy at first, but if it goes well, the website will probably go to success just like the Add beneficial information and valuable services to gain more traffic.
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