How to Create a Media Company Clone

media company cloneWhen we make our media company clone, we’ll need to take existing HTML and convert it to a WordPress blog theme. This will help us to reuse the code in the future and apply it elsewhere. When making a clone website, it’s important that everything has a uniform look in order to ensure that clients recognize that a company’s sites are all interconnected. We’d like to use the WordPress theme across a family of media sites to give them a very clean appearance that will help when it comes time to promote the brand. Naturally we’ll also have to have a logo to promote the brand and make people immediately think of it.

clone website

When we finish the media clone it will have to have:

  • A WordPress theme based around existing HTML
  • A full conversion of that HTML
  • An artist’s rendering that could be used as a clean efficient logo
  • A deployment schedule to get the media company website up and running
  • Homepage design that reflects the rest of the site
  • Text on the homepage that introduces the company
  • An about us section
  • A news section to talk about the company
  • Actual media content that clients will actually come to the site for

Making a media company clone is only part of the entire scheme. What kinds of people are attracted to an individual media clone depends more on the media being presented than on the site itself. Music, news, sports, reference, videos and various other categories are represented amongst the gigantic world that is the media on the World Wide Web.

A clone should probably try to carve out its own niche, which would end up having a group of followers. A successful clone will ultimately attract followers either by way of some sort of social bookmark scheme, or potentially a type of news feed. It’s good that the WordPress platform is being considered for this project, because it provides a variety of social bookmark functions as well as RSS or Atom feeds without too much difficulty. That helps media followers of all different ages and demographics to visit the site.

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