How To Create A Website Blog

how to create a website blog

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Great, you want to create a blog. Welcome to the club! These days, everyone is blogging, from famous actors and musicians, to activists and politicians, to fashion gurus and members of the general public. And, of course, the occasional Angry Man who just loves to subject the Internet to his rants!

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We can’t blame you for wanting to set about creating a website blog. After all, it’s exciting to think that the whole Internet is out there, ready and waiting to read your views on life. Your audience is unlimited, and the best thing is that there is even the potential to make a bit of revenue out of blogging.

But hold on a minute! … How do you even begin?

I bet you thought you could just switch on your laptop, start typing and within minutes millions of people from all around the world would be laughing at your hilarious jokes, right? Unfortunately things aren’t that simple. You need to take all the right steps to creating a blog, from finding a blogging platform to getting a domain name. The good news for you is that you’ve come to the right place to find out all about the easiest way to create a blog!

But before anything, you need to decide what you are going to blog about.

Steps To Creating A Blog: Pick A Subject You’re Passionate About

If you want to regularly update your blog each week and keep your readers interested, you’ll need to write a subject you’re passionate about and have some knowledge for. If you’re interested in fashion, why not create a blog about fashion? Likewise, if cars are the love of your life, why not create a blog about vehicles? Blogging about something you’re passionate about means you are more likely to sustain your blog and keep it active.
It’s important to remember that Google loves fresh content, and regularly updating your blog will mean that it continues to rank well in search engines. Your blog is a great way of expressing your opinions, and if you’ve got information to share with the general public, why not go ahead and share it?

A number of bloggers do set up blogs in order to make money.  For this reason, they don’t necessarily choose a subject they’re passionate about, but rather a subject they know is niche and will attract a high amount of traffic. If this is you, you need to make the effort to regularly update your blog, and you need to make sure that your content is engaging and useful. And, in accordance with Google’s code of conduct: No spam! If you need more details on this, read our tips on how to monetize your website.

How To Create A Website Blog: Choose A Blogging Platform

how to create a website blog

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You may have already written some content in MS Word, or you may not have. Either way, one of the very first things you need to do when creating a website blog is find the right blogging platform. Without a doubt, the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress. If you haven’t already heard of it, WordPress hosts thousands, perhaps even millions of blogs all around the world. It’s free to use (though there is a paid version), easy to use and comes with countless plugins. Moreover, WordPress also lets you design your blog in pretty much unlimited ways, and it is SEO friendly.

As popular as WordPress is with bloggers, it is not the only blogging platform available. One of the easiest way to create a blog is via Blogger, a blogging platform that is second only to WordPress in popularity. Blogger is extremely easy to set-up, and you can literally have your blog live within 15 minutes. You can have it live within 5 minutes if you’ve already pre-written your first blog post.

Another fantastic blogging platform is Tumblr. What helps Tumblr stand out from the crowd is that it has a really cool and interesting interface, and it is partly a social networking tool. Tumblr is a mecca for artists, illustrators and graphic designers and you can add a whole range of people to your circles.

Self-Host Or Free Alternative?

Before you can go any further, you now need to decide whether you want to actually pay for your blog. This is a big decision because paying for a blog or going for a freebie could often be the difference in how much you get out of your blog in the long-term. The aforementioned blogging platforms, WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, all offer freebies. The problems with freebies are:

  • You Don’t Get Your Own Domain Name:Boo! We want our own domain name! I know, right?! Your domain name will be something ugly like The worst thing is that everyone will know you haven’t paid for your blog. As such, your credibility can go down the drain. If you’re just writing a blog for a bit of fun, going for the free website hosting and domain name is fine. If, however, you want to be a credible source of information on a certain topic, you might want to consider paying for a blog.
  • There Are Limits: You can’t make much money out of a free blog, for example. Moreover, your bandwidth will be limited too, which means you only get to upload a few videos. Boo!
  • Your Blog Isn’t Yours: instead, it is WordPress’s or Blogger’s. You’re basically renting their property, pitching up in their shed for a few months. If your host decides to shut down, your blog shuts down with ‘em. Hmm!

Creating A Website Blog: Domain Names

Your domain name is the URL of your website. For example, Facebook is a domain name, as is Google. Yours could be something like If you’ve decided to pay for your blog, you get to choose whatever you want without any annoying suffixes, such as Eew! Now, domain names do cost if you’re not hosting on a blogging platform for free. You can expect to pay around $20 a year, but perhaps even less. If, however, you decide to use iPage for your blog domain and hosting, you can actually get a domain name for free.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, you just need to pair it up with a host, such as WordPress. Once you’ve done that, you’re all done! You’re ready to blog!

So, thought of something to blog about yet?

In case you experience any difficulties with your templates or tools integration, ask for Optimizepress help right away!

If you still don’t understand how to create a website blog, feel free to contact our team and get help!