How To Create A Website With Drupal is one of the most powerful content management systems available on the Internet. Drupal websites are often used by bands, e-commerce, communities and many more. Small businesses utilise Drupal web design just as much as large corporations do, as they know that Drupal is a robust platform they can trust.

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Most things you want doing can be done with Drupal, and it’s one of the fastest growing Open Source Projects around. But how to create a website with Drupal? Let’s take a look.

How To Create A Website With Drupal

Drupal is hugely powerful, and Drupal web development is often the plaything of pro developers. But beginners can create Drupal websites too. To stare, you need to install Drupal core, and you need to have a basic installation up and running. We’re going to trust that you know how to install new modules, so we’re going to head on over to your admin menu.

Admin Menu

The first thing you need to do is install your administration menu module. We recommend that you disable the normal Toolbar module as this will only distract you and make things difficult. So what you have now is a drop-down admin menu at the top of your page.

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Next, if you want your Drupal web development to go smoothly, we advise that you choose to edit with the CKEditor as well as IMCE. The CKEditor comes with a number of installation notes, which you need to read carefully. Once you have installed your CKEditor, click on full edit for HTML. Then, in your file browser settings, you’ll want to choose your IMCE for 3 drop-down choices. You now have what is called an active WYSIWYG integrated file management.

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New Pages

You’re now all set to easily create new pages on your site. Go to Administration > Structure > Content types. Select Add Content Type. You need to save it under whatever content type it is. For example, if it’s a blog post you’re creating, save it as Blog Post. You can then save it and then add fields. There are a whole host of fields you can add, but for now we recommend restricting yourself to the basic set-up, which includes the Title and Body of your blog post. If you want to include an image, you will need a third field.

Once you are done, you can easily create more blog posts for your site by going to Administration > Content > Add Content > Blog Post.

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Okay, so you actually want to be able to see your new blog post, right?! To get your brand new blog post on your front page, you need to install another module. This time, you need to install the Chaos Tool Suite before installing the Views module. Then go to Administration > Structure > Views. You can name this Blog Post again. Then you need to unselect Create a Page and choose Create a Block. Again title it Blog Post for consistency. There are a whole range of further options for you to play around with before you click the Save button.

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The block of blogs you just created will land on the front page if you now head on over to Administration > Structure > Blocks. Find the block titled View: Blog Post, give it a block title value of <none> unless you want a title. At the bottom, you will see Pages; choose “only the listed pages”, before giving the value <front>. Save and your very first blog page is live on your front page.

Static Pages

As well as your front page, you will need a few static pages too. These might include your About Us page, as well as a Contact page. To create these, go to Administration > Content > Add Content > Basic page. You will need to use your WYSIWYG again, and there will be a few options you need to toggle with before saving your page. Since you should now be well-versed with adding a front page, adding static pages should come easier.

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You’re getting the hang of this now. Creating a menu is easy; you just head over to Administration > Structure > Menus > Main Menu before adding a new link. You’ll need to give it a relevant title, before adding the path to the page you want to link it to – for example, your Contact page. Then save it.

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Pros of Drupal Web Design

Drupal Is Secure

drupal websitesDrupal is one of the most secure content management systems around, and security updates are frequent.

Community Support

drupal web developmentDrupal has developed a reputation for a responsive and active community support. If anything ever goes wrong with your Drupal websites, it can be sorted out fairly quickly.


drupal web developmentDrupal is super adaptable to any kind of weskit. Whether you own a small business, run a band, or whether you just want a blog, Drupal is there for you.

Extensive Tutorials

how to create a website with drupalDrupal web development is aided and quickened up by a number of training videos that are available. They are user-friendly, engaging and offer lots of advice and tips.


how to create a website with drupalDrupal has a quicker load time than a lot of its rivals, largely thanks to Caching.

Cons of Drupal Web Design


Drupal can be for beginners, but mastering it can take a long time. Unlike some of its rivals, including WordPress and Wix, Drupal has a much steeper learning curve. Splash Website Design will may your website more vibrant!


When Drupal has a new update, it has a major update. This can be time consuming and bothersome to some users.

Lack of Ace Developers

If you want someone to design your Drupal websites for you, you might have a task on your hands trying to find an ace Drupal developer. There certainly aren’t as many who are as skilled with Drupal as they are with free website Wix or Joomla.

If you need Drupal web development help, contact our team right now!