How to Create fMyLife Clone Website?

fmylife cloneThere are happenings in life that gives you mess. If you don’t have someone to talk to, why not start creating fMyLife account and start engaging with people who will understand where you’re coming from.

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Site like fMyLife is a great platform to pass your time, especially if you were bumped to situations that screwed your day. This is a blog, where users can share their everyday anecdotes that may likely to happen to everyone. This is the best space in the web to let the burdens out and the relaxation in. Share your bad experience and you might realize that there are plenty of people across the globe sharing same experience with you.

How Do FMyLife Works?

Users can post the crap they experienced at fMyLife. They can contribute stories that are worth sharing to the readers. Create an account and post your story by clicking the “Submit your FML” button. The story will start with “Today” and will end with “FML”. Your submission will not automatically be published because the administrator needs to filter then approve your post. Once your story was approved for posting, readers can vote for your story.

Online readers can vote in two different ways. If they agree, you can get the “I agree your life is fucked” vote. However, if these people think that you made that crap choice, you can get the “You deserved that one.”

The site was developed to make readers enjoy every stories, while realizing that fuck things happes to everyone at the most unexpected days. This website allows users to share their misfortunes without hesitations.

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How to Create Fmylife Clone Website?

Sites like fMyLife are great platform to share experiences and engage readers as they read every story. This is a place where they can interact and discuss, and vote for best or worst stories.

There are different useful fMyLife clone scripts to help you create your own fMyLife inspired website.

  1. Flippy My Life Stories: The Flippy My Life Stories is a script that allows you to create your own fMyLife –like website. This script offers the same features and benefits like the fMyLife. In just 5 minutes, you can build your own blog and let online users write and share their stories.
  2. FMyLife Clone: This is another script developed in MySQL and PHP. Start building the FMyLife Clone website and enjoy the No Callback and No Encryption features of the script.
  3. FMyLife Pro: This script is a popular website that provides you the opportunity to set up a FMyLife website lookalike. This is a PHP software that builds seamless website, which offers simple yet powerful impact to users.

Creating FMyLife Clone is a great way to improve your online presence and increase business revenue. The FMyLife Clone website can help them re-gain strength to face tomorrow!