How to Create Yahoo Answers Clone Website?

yahoo answers cloneCreating Yahoo answers website is a great way to improve your online presence; at the same time help users find the right answers for their questions. Yahoo Answers has become a popular and trusted question and answer platform today. It is originally known as the Yahoo! Q&A from its inception in June 28, 2005.

clone website

Yahoo! Answers is a community- driven knowledge market or Q&A site that allows anyone to post questions. Anyone can answer the question and earn points from every posted question. Users can also vote for the best answers for the questions.

Having Yahoo! Answers clone does not only help other people get specific answers from their questions, but they can also optimize their website through posting site links along with their answers. You can capture more traffic by doing this; readers can click the link to get a full view of what you are saying.

Yahoo! Answers Module

Yahoo! Answers has outstanding modules and features that helped in making it the best auto blogging and question and answer platform. You can take advantage of these modules in cloning Yahoo! Answers.

  1. International blogging. The Yahoo! Answers supports other languages aside from English. It can also create automatic contents using Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
  2. Legal Content. Yahoo! Answers create content for your website using the official Yahoo Answers API. Register to this module to create great content.
  3. Customizable and Flexible. Managing your website became easier because it allows you to like and autopost. You can control over you ads, affiliate links, branding, and text.
  4. Generate Content for Keywords. You can autopsot questions and answers of any topics and keywords. Generating content for your preferred keyword is easy.

Creating Yahoo! Answers Clone Website

Below are list of Yahoo Answers clone script to build your new question and answer web page.

  1. Anova. Build your website with the Anova. You can include thousands of questions that is ready to be answered by the users. Everybody will surely learn from each other.
  2. Answer Script. Create the your Yahoo Answers inspired website with the Answer Script. It is a well- known answer and question script that is coded with ajax technology. It has a cool and casual effect that makes your website seamless and outstanding.
  3. Ask Expert Script. Launch your own Question and Answer website using the Ask Expert Script. It is considered the best Q&A Software solution with 5 years update, 10 years support, and brand free.
  4. Askme Pro Script. Set- up the best Question and Answer question like Yahoo Answers with the best managemenet system, AskMe Pro. It gives advantage to all users in posting and answering questions. It has gained popularity with its great features that made it an expert advice service website.
  5. Flippy Answers. In just few minutes, you can create your own questions and answer website clone with similar features like Yahoo! Answers. Let your website shine by allowing users to share thought and knowledge and learn from each other.