How to Do a Bugmenot Clone

bugmenot cloneWriting a Bugmenot clone will have to be focused heavily on speed. The best thing about a new site would have to be the control panel. We’ll need to develop a control panel that’s written completely in CURL in order for it to load fast. A panel that’s written in CURL in this manner could actually end up loading more quickly than the real baseline site. The control panel will have to have a number of functions, but the email addresses and login data is still disposable so the functions will be global as opposed to tailored to each individual user. Individuals who would use a site like this probably don’t need much, and they won’t want to deal with much bloat either. They’re using this type of site in order to escape from those sorts of problems.

clone website

When we work on our clone, we’ll need the following:

  • A very good control panel
  • Development completely in the CURL platform
  • Simple Web design that loads quickly
  • A collection of credentials for different sites
  • A disposable Email system for users
  • The logo will have to be designed around the clone’s new brand name
  • Information on how to use the site
  • Some options that are edited on a global basis
  • Security policies that will ensure users that they’re on a safe site
  • Constant updates to provide new login information for users to have access to

A solid clone will attract a very specific type of user, and it will attract them in droves. Increasingly large numbers of sites are requiring users to register to sign in, and people are very concerned about spam, being bothered and even having to give up information in this era of Internet security issues. Fewer people want to make registration accounts while at the same time more people are actually being required to do so.

Creating a Bugmenot clone would attract them, since it provides information on the best way to log into sites without having to register for them. Users wouldn’t have worry so much since this system is significantly more secure. The clientel that this would attract would be smart and computer savvy.

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