How To Get A Website Domain And Pick A Website Hosting

So you’ve picked a website free builder and now it’s time to get yourself a website domain. This is probably the most important decision you’ve made for a while. The general advice is that we should all be looking to register a domain name, be it for ourselves and for our business. The Internet is increasingly becoming more and more of a public forum, and to make sure that you’re speaking for yourself and that your company is speaking for itself, it’s high time to register a domain name.

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But how to get a website domain? How to create a website domain? How to make a website? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the process, from securing a web domain to websites hosting and onto creating a web domain.

How To Choose A Website Domain

First things first: You need a name! This is the part many of us struggle with. We can spend days, week, even months tearing our hair out trying to coin an excellent domain name that strikes a chord. Some of us even divorce because of it.

Okay, now we’re dramatising. But you get the picture.

Keep It Short

how to get a website domainIf your domain is too long, you’re running the risk of your customers not being able to spell it or even remember it. D’oh!

Use Keywords

free website hosting and domain nameKeywords are the words Internet users are tapping into their search engines. If you use keywords, there is a great chance that your website will be found much more easily.

Avoid Numbers

how to create a web domainDo not even try using numbers in you domain name. Otherwise you might sound like James Bond. 007IroningServices. Just no.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Type

online website hostingIf you’re struggling to even type your domain name, it’s not going to work out. Choose something easy that you can type fluently.

How To Get A Website Domain

You can pay for a website domain, but you can also get free website hosting and domain name. If you choose to pay for a website domain, you get a few nice perks, such as being able to control the domain name extension.

For example:

If you go with free website hosting and domain name as a bundle – such as you could do with WordPress – you will end up with something like:

Securing a website domain can be frustrating when you have a name in mind but find that it has already been taken. If this occurs, you can occasionally choose to purchase the domain name off the owner for a nominal fee.

Numerous reputable content management systems allow you to choose and create a website domains with them, such as Wix, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. They also allow you to search existing domains to find out whether the one you have in mind already exists or not.

You can get a website domain together with the content management software that is hosting your website, such as WordPress. Or, if you decide to build your website from scratch using HTLM, you can create and register your domain independently. There are a lot of clauses that come with domain names, and there is often a small fee involved. Usually, your domain name is yours for at least a year until you choose to renew.

How To Create A Web Domain

If you choose to create your website with offline website hosting, the service will be able to create and register a domain name for you. You just need to decide which domain you want.

There are a large number of free website hosting and domain name services that are reputable, and which are easy to use. These include the aforementioned WordPress, Wix and Joomla. They each have their own pricing policies and serving policies, but the crux of what they offer is essentially the same. Above all else, when creating a web domain it’s essential that you use a reputable website hosting service.

These sites will each come with their own availability checker. When you type in the domain you want, the availability checker will tell you if it’s available or not. Once you’ve chosen your domain and found that it’s available, you simply have to follow the rest of the instructions. You will also be given the opportunity to add emails to that domain name, often for an extra price.

And that’s it, you’re done! You now have a web domain. Exciting!

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