How To Get Your Website Listed On Google

how to get your website listed on google

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Okay, so you’ve got your lovely new website. You’ve got your free website hosting and domain name and everything else. The website looks great, and you’re super pleased. Now comes the tricky bit; you’ve got to put your website on Google, and you’ve got to get your website indexed.

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See, our websites don’t just appear on Google as if by magic. You can’t simply press “Publish” and voila! your website is right there on the very first page of Google. Nope, unfortunately the Internet is a little more complicated than this. And if you don’t figure out how to index it, your website might never appear on Google. Yikes. This means no traffic, no revenue, and no happiness.

But it’s okay, because we’re here to help you learn how to get your website listed on Google in just three easy steps. Because we’re nice like that. Let’s take a look!

Put Your Website On Google Directly

What we mean is that you’ve got to submit your site to Google. The process is really simple; you just have to submit your site via Google’s free form. And that’s it! The Google crawler and the Googlebot will do the rest. The problem is that the waiting process can sometimes be long, and you really don’t know when exactly your site will be indexed. But to get the ball rolling and get your website indexed, yep, you need to submit the URL.

Get Linked From A Site That Google Already Crawls

The next thing you need to do as you out your website on Google is to get a site already crawled by Google to link to yours. What happens is, the next time Google crawls that website, it will come across the link to your site and then crawl and index that too. Lovely! In fact, Google will tell you that this is their desired method of indexing sites. The problem is that you need to first of all find another site that is similar to yours, before asking the owner nicely if they’ll link up. You also need to say that you’ll link back to theirs too.

How To Get Your Website Listed On Google: Submit To Yahoo And The Open Directory Project Index

So yeah, the third way to get your website indexed is to submit it to the Yahoo! Directory and The Open Directory Project index. Okay, Yahoo! isn’t Google, but submitting your site to both of these directories is actually the only guaranteed way of getting your website indexed by Google. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s the Internet for you. Once you’ve submitted your URL to these two directories, your site should appear in Google’s search results within 8 weeks.

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