How to Install Free WordPress Website Templates

free wordpress website templates

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Why do you need free WordPress website templates?

Your WordPress template when you first install your WordPress site or blog will likely be the default theme called Twenty Fifteen. While some webmasters may keep this theme for their site most others will want to customize the look and functionality of their site so that it reflects the brand that they want to show their visitors. Our tips can help you understand how to customize WordPress in a few easy steps.

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Do you customize the theme that you have or download a new theme?

Many themes are customizable to a certain extent and if you go to “Appearance” on your main menu and select “Themes” you will be taken to the page that contains the themes that are currently downloaded and available for your site. If you choose “Customize” on the theme that is currently in use you will be provided with a list of options that cover everything from colors to your menus and if you want a static front page. As you make any changes you will be shown those changes on the live preview of your site so as to see exactly what you have achieved.

From the “Themes” page you can also see the other templates or themes that are available already downloaded for your site. If you hover over each you will see options to discover more details, preview or activate those templates. If you select preview you will be able to see exactly how your site will look with that template.

How to quickly install free WordPress website templates

If none of the available themes are to your liking then it is possible to install WordPress templates from here also. Just click “Add New” at the top of the page and you will be taken to a new screen with all of the available WordPress templates that you can install. These are displayed against the following categories and you can browse through them to see if anything catches your eye:

  • Featured
  • Popular
  • Latest
  • Favorites: this will show any themes that you have marked as “Favorite” when searching themes

Hovering over each theme will allow you to click for additional details about the theme and also to see a preview of the site. You can download by just simply clicking the “Install” button that is visible when you hover over the theme. This will download it to your WordPress site but will not make it the active theme until you select it. This allows you to look at a live preview of this site before you use it for your site.

Searching for a free premium WordPress template

The “Feature Filter” on the Add Themes page allows you to specify what you want your template to have from all of the following:

  • Colors: You can select a specific color for the theme that you are looking for
  • Layout: How many columns, sidebars and even if the theme is responsive
  • Features: Everything from custom headers to translation ready
  • Subject: Holiday, photoblogging and seasonal layouts

As you see customizing and building a website with WordPress is not tough at all. You can choose as many options as you want your template to have and it will then search for any themes that match your selection allowing you to match a theme to look that you want. Remember that once you have selected the theme you will also be able to make additional customization within the theme so that you get the specific look that you want.

In addition to the above options you can also “Search themes” for specific keywords such as “magazine” to find themes that fulfill specific functions or looks. Remember that you can install as many free WordPress website templates as you like but you can only ever have one active at a time to provide the layout and look that you provide for your readers.

And if you ever fail to create background motion, you can always ask for professional help.