How To Make A Jimdo Website

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Web development shouldn’t be difficult, and it shouldn’t be time consuming. This is something the guys over at Jimdo know only too well, which is why creating a Jimdo website is super simple and super quick.

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When creating a website from scratch with Jimdo, you do not need any coding experience, and you don’t even need any previous web creation experience. All you need to do is ask yourself what you want from your new website: Do you want a blog, a business website, or a Jimdo online shop? Whatever you want, Jimdo websites have a solution for you. So let’s take a look at how to create a Jimdo website the easy way.

Go With Jimdo Design

Before creating your new website, you need to first of all choose a website builder.
If you’re considering giving Jimdo a go but aren’t yet totally convinced, considered this.
Jimdo offers:

  • A free version (Jimdo hosting can be both free and paid)
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Examples of previous websites built with Jimdo
  • Helpful guides and tutorials

In short, Jimdo offers the complete package.

Get Started On Your Jimdo Website

Jimdo offers an extensive range of contemporary templates for you to choose from. Choosing which one is right for you might even be the hardest part of the whole process, as there are just so many to choose from! You don’t need to bite your fingernails over this part of the process too much, as whichever template you choose can be changed at a later date. Yay! But to begin, you need to enter a name for your website and your email address. Then it’s time to start editing your pages.

Add A Header Image To Your Jimdo Websites

A header image is crucial to the success of your website, particularly if you own a small business. Research has shown that Internet users have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, which means that if your landing page doesn’t appeal to them they will quickly exit your website. Your header image, then, has to appeal directly to your target audience. It has to be associated with your brand, and it should be immediately visible on your landing page.

Adjust The Navigation On Your Jimdo Design

When we visit websites, we want the navigation to be simple. We want to be able to get from page to page with zero hassle. The buttons at the top of your Jimdo website are your navigation links. They link to your “About” page, your blog, your Jimdo shop, and so on and so on. How you arrange them is crucial to how successful your website is, and how easy it is for visitors to navigate around it.

Create Content

Google rankings love fresh content. To make sure that your Jimdo website is successful, the final step before publishing is to create some content. This can include photos, videos and text. Text is good for SEO purposes, but it’s important to remember that Internet users want to see short, sharp bursts of text with plenty of paragraphs. As opposed to a HUGE block of text that looks long, boring and unreadable. A video is also worth including too, as visitors to your site are more greatly encouraged to stick around if they see a big “Play” button staring them in the face.

Add A New Jimdo Page

To add a new page to your website, you need to hover your mouse over the navigation area before clicking “Edit navigation.” Then, you need to click the + icon. Now type in the name of your new page before saving. Now that you’ve got your content, your design and your pages sorted, you can publish your shiny new website to the world by clicking “Publish”.

Making a Jimdo website really is that simple; if you need extra help whilst your making your website, you can always consult the Jimdo help section for a bit of guidance. Good luck and have fun!

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