How To Make A Squarespace Website

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If you wonder how to make a website, Squarespace might be your best option. Squarespace website design offers a number of different contemporary templates for web creators to use. Each template is created to suit a variety of needs for each individual client, and no prior coding knowledge is needed – though you can code your own Squarespace site if you wish to. Clever clogs!

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Squarespace is ideal for breathing fresh life into a website and offers users the chance to explore and experiment with the templates to ensure a totally original look. Let’s take a look at how to create your own website Squarespace.

Getting Started With Squarespace Website Design

Once you’ve created an account with Squarespace, no payment info is required and you activate a fourteen day free trial. To publish your site, though, you will need to pay a fee. There are three packages available:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Business

Each package comes with your own custom domain.

To begin the process, click “get started”. You will then have access to a wide range of templates that are tailored for all kinds of websites, from blogs to corporate businesses. Each template is customisable, even after you have gone live with your site.

Create Your Own Website Squarespace: Getting Used To The Editor

The Squarespace editor might take a little bit of getting used to at first, but you’ll soon get the hold of it with a bit of practice. It’s more challenging than the editor found on Wix, and to make changes you will need to make use of the sidebar – as opposed to directly clicking onto an object, such as an image.

On the left hand side of the interface, you will find a scroll box. This is the left-side module, and this is where you will make your basic changes. Essentially, to make any changes to your website, you will have to enter this left-side module, which is very different from simply clicking on an object and doing a bit of editing. This may take a bit of getting used to for anyone who is making the step-up from Wix.

Manage Your Sites Pages With Squarespace Website Design

At the top of the left-side module, you will find the “Pages” tab. This tab allows you to add, delete and edit existing pages. You can also create unlinked pages here, too. An unlinked page might not be familiar to you if you are making the step-up from a more simplistic website creator, but essentially an unlinked page is a page that is public but which is not listed in your page’s navigation. This could be a checkout page.

Implement A Squarespace Shopping Cart

A lot of people who create websites with Squarespace tend to be small business owners, and as such there is a “commerce” tab on the left-side module. This tab arms you with a whole wealth of tools that help you to create and maintain a checkout system. The tab comes with its own “how-to” guide, complete with information ranging from how to implement a squarespace shopping cart, as well as how to manage your e-store.


Your Squarespace website design is a crucial part of the unique customisation, and one of the tabs on the left-side module is the “design” tab. This tab allows you to personalise your template; you can set a set title, install a new template, as well as edit the overall look and style of your pages.

The design tab comes with a “style editor” that allows you to change the colour theme, typography and background, as well as the header images. This section is a bit limited compared to other editors as you cannot implement different fonts for your body text, but are instead limited to just one.

How To Add Gadgets

Squarespace refer to added gadgets as blocks, and they are gadgets that improve your website development. They improve the look of your website, and make it user-friendly and accessible for users. For example, a gadget might include a contact form, a shopping cart, or even a piece of media. Adding them is not easy, though, and does take a bit of patience and effort.

Underneath page content, you need to click “edit.” Then, hover your mouse near the content box until a few icons appear. These icons tell you where you can add new gadgets to your page.

Click on one of these tear-shaped icons, before choosing from a number of tools. These include audio, gallery, video and newsletter. Then, over over your desired gadget to delve right into editing.

In conclusion, developing a new website with Squarespace can be demanding at first. It isn’t really suitable for beginners, but should instead be embraced by anyone who is looking to make the step up from a website creator such as Wix. We advise that you have patience when it comes to your Squarespace website design, and that you have some fun!

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