How to Make a Twitter Clone

twitter cloneWe’re looking to make some Twitter clones, and we need the sites to be very easy to use. The actual baseline official Twitter site has attracted some criticism lately for being too bloated, so what we want to do is draft Twitter clone PHP that copies the basic functionality of the site. Users can be expected to leave text and image messages in the same manner that they do on the social media giant, and the site will need a login screen that allows users to create an account and work with the site in the same way that they do with the standard regular Twitter platform. Users will naturally have to be able to share information and links on this clone page in the same way they do on the regular one.

clone website

When we draft our clone website, we’ll need the following when it comes to functionality:

  • PHPFox recording functionality in order to streamline the recording of audio data to the site directly
  • Audio playback module that works through either Flash or potentially HTML5
  • Possible WordPress Twitter clone code that allows the use of standard plug-in options
  • Regular social media functions
  • The ability to share Tweets on the WordPress twitter clone the same way that it’s done in the regular Twitter
  • The ability to follow people and read a list of followers
  • User and social invite options
  • Talk modules

Twitter clones like these might be geared toward a certain subsection of the population in order to get a ready audience. For instance, if the Twitter clone PHP works really well with audio recording then some people from the business world might be more attracted to it than the official site. This could also help to market it toward the musical end of the spectrum as well. Some existing social network sites could be merged together to form a single clone with new code, which would help to keep their current audience. Regardless, the user invite function should help to eventually create a user base that regularly logs in. Various types of share buttons would help to encourage use.

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