How to Make a Website Like Amazon?

how to make a website like amazonStarted as an online bookstore, Amazon has become the largest internet- based retailer in the United States. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon is known as a cloud computing company and electronic e-commerce that expanded to selling Blu-rays, DVD’s, mp3 downloads, video games, apparel, food, toys, furniture, and jewelry. It is also identified as the largest cloud infrastructure provider in the world. It also has specific websites in different countries like United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Netherlands. In 2005, it overtook Walmart as the most reliable retailer in the U.S.

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Features of Amazon

Buying at Amazon is fast and easy! All you need is to register and account, log-in, select your item, and purchase your choice. It also requirements payment options, like credit and visa card, to be integrated on your account. But more than the common features you know, there are still other modules this internet- based retailer includes. See below list of useful Amazon features.

  1. Amazon Vine: Amazon Vine is an invitation-only club of Amazon designated for elite reviewers. Amazon sends list of products to selected Vine reviewers monthly. They can choose at least two products two products to review. These products remain with them as long as they write review for the item. Reviews may either be positive or negative.
  2. Amazon Locker. This Amazon feature is bets for bsuy people, who can’t claim their package on the required time. Amazon locker is establishment, which tends to be your locker. You can claim your package there by just entering the code provided by Amazon through text or e-mail.
  3. Amazon Smile. Choose and purchase from any of the millions of items in Amazon Smile. When you purchased from this site, you are sending help to the needy. 0.5% of your purchase amount goes to your chosen charity.

With only the few listed features, Amazon has gained popularity for the past years. It became the leading online marketplace in the US that is able to deliver items to other countries. With this, many developers want to create a Amazon clone website, How to make a website like Amazon? Let’s know.

Today you can learn how to built an Adbrite clone script!

Amazon clone script for Amazon clone website

The question is how to make a website like Amazon? The answer is through Amazon clone script. See below list of scripts.

  1. Amazon Clone. Create your own reliable online retail website with the Amazon Clone. It allows you to buy and sell products, and manage the transaction within the website. This clone script is also open for third party vendors, who want to sell their items. As a store owner, you’re referred as the administrator, while the third party sellers as the providers.
  2. Avactis Shopping Cart: Create your Amazon- inspired website clone with the fully operation and live website called Avatics demo store. With this script, you’re able to edit and design store designs, add or delete reviews, products, categories, and content pages.
  3. Book Sore script: Create your own book store with the Book Sore script. For just 5 minutes, you can install, set- up, and run your website like