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Weebly is rivalled only by Wix when it comes to website development capability for anyone working on a budget who has no coding experience. Weebly make a website developing experience look easy, but the best thing is that the end result is often a slick, attractive looking website.

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Getting started on your Weebly website costs nothing, and you can even how a Weebly website address for zero pennies too. If you’re looking to create a more professional website, though, you might want to consider upgrading to one of Weebly’s inexpensive packages. Among other things, this will allow you to create your own domain name. So let’s take a look at how to create a website using Weebly.

Getting Started

To get started, simply hop on over to the Weebly homepage before signing up. You can sign up quicker by linking directly to your Facebook, but this might cause a few problems in the future when you want to keep things separately. You need to fill in your name, email address and password, before clicking the “Sign up” button.

Create A Free Website With Weebly – Theme Selection

Once you have signed up, you will be taken to Weebly’s theme selection screen. Here you will find a wealth of available templates for your perusal. There is a lot of choice on offer, so it’s quite easy to feel a little bit lost at this point. Just take your time, and perhaps trying licking through the separate “Styles” menus that sound suitable for your suite. Once you have found a theme you like the look of, you can click on it to tweak the colour scheme. Once you are satisfied, click “Choose.”

How To Create A Website Using Weebly – Choose A Domain Name

The next step is choosing a suitable domain name for your site. If you are sticking with the free version for now, you will need to choose the first option, which is a subdomain of Weebly. In the future, though, if you want a more professional website you may want for register your own domain. Click “Continue” when you are done here.

Customise Your Weebly Website

You will then proceed to the page editor, where you will find your template. Your site is shown in the bottom right, whilst the toolbox to the left of the screen is home to a wealth of content types that you can place in your website design. Firstly, you should change the name of your site. Click on the “My Site” text and type in your new name. Secondly, it’s time to change the main image. Hover your mouse over the image and wait for “edit image” to appear. Click on this and then add your new image. Once your image is uploaded, you can make a few changes to it, such as crop, rotate and fade. Click “Save” when you are satisfied. If you want this header image to appear on all your pages, click “Save to all pages.”

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Add Pages

Let’s add some new pages. After all, we need an “About Us” page, don’t we? To do this, click on “Pages” at the top of your screen, before selecting “Add Page.” There are a few types of pages you can add, such as a blog or a store page. Once you’ve chosen a page, click “save and edit.” Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of pages you have.

Add Page Elements

So far we have covered the basic structure, but now let’s add some elements. Pick a page to edit, before scrolling down that page until you come across an area that says “Drag Elements Here.” On your tools list to the left, you need to pick which element you want to add. This could be an image, a gallery, or even a slideshow. Once you have clicked on an element, it will appear instantly on your site. Click “save” when you are happy.

The Next Steps

We have covered the basics that you need to create a free website with Weebly, but before you publish your site you could consider a few more things. Weebly offers you the chance to include social networking buttons on your Weebly website, such as Facebook and twitter. These are handy if you want to get your web pages shared and seen by more people. Weebly also offers you the chance to focus on your SEO for Google rankings. In “settings” is an “SEO” tab that you can fill in with the relevant descriptions and keywords.


Finally, you can publish your website.
Simply click the “publish” button at the top right of your screen.
And enjoy the result!

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