How To Make A Yola Website

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Conquering the Internet is the first step to raising awareness of your brand and converting visitors into sales. But conquering the Internet is meant to be really difficult if we don’t know to code, right?

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Wrong! These days, you don’t need to be an expert on code to know how to develop a website from scratch, how to get a website domain or how to get your website listed on Google. Heck, you don’t even need any prior experience with web development! All you really need is a web builder too, such as Yola.

Yola website maker is totally free and allows you to create your own website from scratch in a matter of minutes. No prior experience is needed, and neither is any knowledge of coding. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a few ideas. So let’s take a look at how to make a FREE website with Yola the easy way.

Get Started On Your Free Website Yola

To get started, you simply need to head on over to, before creating an account. This requires you to enter your name, your email address, as well as a password. This is the easy bit and should take a matter of seconds.

Yola Website Creator: Choose Your Category

The great thing about Yola is that, unlike most other free web builders, it gives you the opportunity to categorise your website. This helps with the overall look of your site, as well as SEO and content.

The categories available include artist/photographer, consultants, education, health and fitness, food and restaurants, real estate and “other”.

Once you have chosen your category, you need to enter a name for your business/website. This is a part that can actually take up a bit of time, so it’s best if you already have a name in mind. Otherwise you could literally be struggling to come up with a suitable name for hours!

Start Editing Your Yola Website

Next stop is the Yola Sitebuilder. This is when the fun begins, and it’s your chance to customise your website in any way you want. You can edit text, images, background, as well as the layout. The whole site is basically yours to customise. The first thing you will be prompted to do is choose a style. There are numerous styles available, but some are free whilst others are premium. These premium styles do cost a fee, so if you’re looking to upgrade, you will be charged a small price. Once you have chosen a style, your website will be created.

Add Pictures And Text With The Yola Website Creator

Unlike a lot of rival web builders, Yola actually has a huge library of stock images that you can add to your site. The number of images they have totals 11,000,000. Wow! These images cost just $1.05, which is something of a bargain when you consider that you won’t be overloading your web pages with images. If you are a Yola Silver subscriber, you will have access to a further 3,000 free stock photographs. Adding new images is really easy; you simply click on an area you want a new image, select “Upload new image” and then either pick an image from your computer, or find a stock image.

Add More Pages With The Yola Website Maker

Naturally, you will want a few pages on your free website Yola. Despite the fact that this web builder tool is free, you can add as many pages as you like. To add a page, simple click on menu and then select “Add Page.” It really is that simple!

Experiment With Your Yola Website

When you make your own website Yola, you really should look to take advantage of the fact that you can do an awful lot of experimenting with it. One of things you should consider working on is the background. After all, Internet users have a really poor attention span, and they really do form quick first impressions. If they don’t like the look of your site, they will leave within seconds. Editing the background of your site is really simple, and the menu is super user-friendly. You can change the colour of your background and add a new image. There is also a helpful menu that allows you to position your image easily.

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Publish Your Website

Yola make a free website look really easy, and that’s because it is.
When it comes time to publish your new site, you simply need to click on the big pink button that says “Publish to the web.”

Then all you need to do is choose an URL (this URL will end in the suffix unless you decide to pay for a custom domain), and then hop on over to your new website! Lovely!