How to Make a Zoho Website

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The Zoho website builder is aimed largely at businesses who are looking to optimise their online presence and boost their sales.

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But the problem you might have is that you might be a little bit apprehensive about making your own website.

After all, don’t you need to know code and HTML? And don’t your peers spend a fortune on employing web developers to take months to build them a website from scratch?

Well, actually, the answers are no, no, and no!

With the Zoho free website tool, anyone can easily create a brand new website from scratch. You don’t need any coding experience; all you need is an idea.

So let’s take a look at how to make a Zoho website and think about wp plugin development.

How to Make a Zoho Website

Getting Started

To begin the process, simply head on over to Click “Get started” and fill in all the necessary details.
Once this is complete, you can then start building your beautiful website.

Select A Theme

Your theme is what is going to make or break your website. You want a theme that is going to appeal to your audience, and as such this is the part of the process you need to take a bit of time over. There is a wide-range of ready-to-use themes available on the Zoho gallery. Fortunately, each theme is listed underneath a category, so you don’t have to spend too much time wading through unsuitable themes. Each theme can be customised with the help of the Visual Editor, so you don’t need to worry too much at this stage that something doesn’t look right. You can change the background, the colours, the font size and so on.

Choose A Name

Perhaps the most important stage of all is choosing a name for your new website. You need to also enter a caption for your website which helpfully explains to site visitors what your page is all about.

Adding Elements And Content

Adding elements and content with the Zoho website builder is remarkably easy, and it gets easier each time. On your toolbar at the top of your page, you will see elements such as Text, Images, Audio, Video, Table and so on. To add and edit these elements on your website, simply drag and drop them to where you want them to go on your page. You can add as many elements as you want, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Everything can be undone too, so if you make a mistake it’s no problem. Once you have added an element, you can move it to a new location if you wish. Simply click on it and drag it to a new destination.

Third Party Apps

Third party apps include links to social media networks, such as Facebook and twitter. To add these apps to your pages, all you need to do is drag and drop them into your website.Third party apps are really useful, as it means your visitors can interact with your Facebook page whilst remaining on your actual website.

Create A Blog

The Zoho free website builder makes creating a blog easy. Blogs are really useful for all types of websites, from corporate websites to artist websites. With Zoho, creating a blog means following the exact procedure of creating a new web page. And just like your homepage, you can drag and drop any elements into your blog. It’s that simple!

Customise Your Sidebar And Footer

Each them comes with a sidebar and footer. These sidebars and footers are really useful for your webpage, because you can add elements such as social media buttons here rather than clutter your page with them. So we recommend that you make the most of them. Each sidebar and footer can be customised so that it is different on each of your web pages. To do this, you would have to create a custom sidebar and footer. You can also hide your sidebar and footer from your web page if you don’t want them to be seen.

Domain Name

Before you publish your website, you need a domain name. Your domain name is the last step, but it’s a very important one. Domain names are a big deal; a poorly thought-out domain name could mean poor visibility on Google, and it may also give out the wrong impression to potential site visitors. With the Zoho free website builder, you can either use a free subdomain, or you can purchase one for a fee. You can also use an existing domain if you have one.

And now it’s time to publish! If you run into any difficulties whilst making your site, you can always head on over to the Zoho creator help for advice. They are with you every step of the way. Good luck!

There are lots of free builders on the web and if you don’t like Zoho, you can always try something different. We recommend to start exploring with an Voog (Previously Edicy) website or Snappages website.