How to Make Adbrite Clone Script and Copy the Website?

clone website scriptsCreating your own advertising website is a daunting task, especially if you will do it yourself. It will also cost you much if you pay for an expert to do your website. Businessmen are eyeing to copy adbrite because it offers services that are unique and exclusive from the website.

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Developed by Gidon Wise and Philip J. Kaplan, Adbrite has become the leading online ad exchange in San Francisco, California. It was originally known as In 2004, the website was re-launched as an advertising network with its new name AdBrite. In 2008, it became an online ad exchange.

This independent ad exchange has features that helped it reached more than 160 million US visitors monthly. The website has video and display capabilities, site level transparency, and an open platform for real- time bidders and data providers. With all this and more Adbrite became one of most preferred online ad exchange in the U.S.

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Adbrite Best Modules and Features

Having 20, 000 niche publishers, 500 million page views daily, and 62 million unique monthly viewers, it is obvious that Adbrite is consist of stunning and useful features that other online ad exchange can’t offer. Below are the top features of Adbrite website.

  • Advertisers can efficiently buy and target ad inventory in reliable websites.
  • It targets channel, site quality, demographic, and keyword, while seeing real- time impression inventory statistics.
  • Advertisers have the access on the impact of theur budget and bid to the campaign.
  • Adbite’s video has more reach than Youtube.
  • You can take advantage of the text, banner, and active interstitials.

Having the few above features, it is an undeniable fact that the website is ideal for developing.

Cloning Adbrite with Adbrite Clone Scripts

We have several clone website scripts for you to use in making a copy of your website.

  1. XYZ Admarket: Start your advertising- publishing networks that supports banner and text format of Pay-per- click. It has simple and feature-rich MySQL+PPQ script that enables you to create an online advertising platform like Adbrite in just minutes. It includes useful features that will make you’re a rock star website.
  2. AdQuick: Create your own adbrite copy. Bring together both publishers and advertisers in one umbrella to create a seamless and operational advertising online exchange. In just few clicks, you can launch your own Adbrite- inspired website.
  3. BuySellAds Script: Sell your website space and earn money from it. With BuysSellAds script, you can now engage to a business with high demand from advertisers. You will no longer feel the hassle of finding the best ad space network because you have it with you. In just few click, you are ready to set-up and run your advertising- publishing online advertising network.
  4. inClick Ad Server: inClick Adbrite clone script supports different language all over the world. It is designed, supported, and engineered by the U.S so you are assured of impeccable and professional website. From the installation process to running the website, expect favorable response from your target market. It includes features that are advantageous to any online advertising website.

Learn how to implement clone website scripts today!