How to Make an Auction Clone

auction cloneWe have an existing auction website template that a web designer created, and we want to figure out a way that we can turn it around into a complete site. That site will have to take the auction script and turn it into a full-fledged online marketplace or auction site. Many sites now have both aspects of functionality, and we’ll need both. People want to be able to bid on items, and they also want to be able to buy them outright. By combining this when we make our auction clone website, we should be able to attract many customers.

clone website

When we get down to writing the auction script we’ll need the following:

  • The ability to reuse the auction website template many times
  • The ability for users to bid on items
  • Purchase systems that lets people buy items without bidding
  • Design features that help users to navigate through site
  • Search box that helps them find the types of items that they’re looking to buy
  • Category system to help them locate item lots
  • Secure payment system built right into the auction clone so people aren’t concerned
  • Contact system to let people get in touch with sellers
  • Shipping information
  • About page
  • Help system to orient people when they first arrive

Making an auction script like this can help someone to gear a site toward a specific type of clientele. Some sites are very general, like the large ones that most people think of in this segment of the industry. These sites sell just about anything, and have a large number of listings. It might be hard to compete against them.

Others are less general, and instead work to please a certain market segment. If we have a generic auction website template that can be reused, then we can create different sites that are geared toward different segments of the population. Some people might want to purchase fine art online and others might want to find home goods. There should be specific sites for these kinds of things. People might be able to trust something that works primarily in their segment, so they might form a sense of attatchment.

To create a justeat clone, follow our tips and enjoy instant results!