How To Make An IM Creator Website

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IM Creator Website is an online service that simplifies the way you create new websites today. The tool provides an array of different plans so that you can pick which one suits your needs best, and the service is on hand for Internet users who want to create a good website quickly, but who do not know how to code. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, the IM website creator is becoming more and more popular among free website makers. Let’s take a look at how to make your website with the IMcreator website tool.

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Getting Started With The IM Website Creator

If you don’t know how to make a website, don’t worry ’cause all you need to do is hop over to and click on the “Start Now” button. It is nice and big, so it’s easy to spot. A pop-up will then prompt you to either choose an existing template, or start your site from blank. As part of our tutorial, we are going to click “Choose a template.”

You will then be taken to an interface which allows you to browse the various templates on offer. There are lots available, so it may take a while for you to pick the one that is best for you. The great thing is that they are all awesome!

Once you have chosen your template, you will be taken to a new page which previews the template. If you are satisfied, click on the “Customise Now” button.

Editing Your Template

Getting to this stage was remarkably easy with the IM Creator website, and the good news is that it won’t get any harder. When it comes to editing your template, you will be presented with a very uncomplicated interface. There are a few things going on, but it’s all straightforward. We suggest that you take some time to look around and check a few things out.

Once you are comfortable with the interface, it’s time to change the text. Simply click on a paragraph and click “edit text”. Now you can edit your text! Yup, it’s that simple!

But, okay, you still need to replace the HUGE image that is on your homepage. After all, you want your own image to be displayed, right? Of course you do! To replace the image, simply click on the existing image and click on “Replace Pic” that appears from the drop down menu. Pick your preferred image from your computer and voila! Job done.

If you want to change the image’s location, you can use the option at the top bar.

Edit Different Pages With The IM Creator Website

Editing the different pages on your IM Creator website is important for things like IM Creator commerce and IM Creator SEO, so let’s move on from the home page momentarily. Let’s edit the “About Page”. To do this, simply locate the icon that says “About” on your homepage and click on it. Just like on a live website, this will take you to the About page. The difference is, you can do your editing here.

Just like you edited your text on your homepage, you can do so again here. Simply click on a paragraph, select “edit text” and do you thing. While you’re there, why don’t you adjust the font and size, too?

And again, just like you did on your homepage, you can replace the existing picture by clicking on the image and selecting “Replace Pic.”

This time, though, let’s try resizing your new image. To resize the image, simply drag the dots that border the perimeter of the image – just like you would with an image on MS Word. If you want to move on the image, click on the border itself and move it around. Yes, with IM Creator website, it’s that easy.

Settings And Background

At the top of the interface is a tab named “Settings.” Once clicked, you’ll find that it presents you with an array of pretty cool stuff. A lot of it is quite advanced, but for now we’re just focusing on the background. Select the background button. A box will show that allows you to swap your background for either an image or a colour. To keep things nice and simply, we suggest using a solid colour. But it really comes down to the type of website you’re creating.

Add An Element To Your IM Creator Website

To the left of the settings tab is an “Add an element” button. Click it. The element button basically allows you to add some real flavour to your website with a number of cool “elements.” To get the wheels in motion, click “Line” and wait for it to appear on the page. Then you can edit it, resizing its width and placing it wherever you want. And to think that people have spent months learning code to do this kind of cool stuff! There is a great debate regarding IM Creator vs Wix, and whilst both website creators are easy to use, IMcreator website wins hands down.

Manage And Add New Pages

Because your pages are what are important for selling your brand and enhancing IM creator SEO, it’s vital that you manage them like a pro. There is a “Pages” tab on the interface that allows you to access your pages quickly. There is also a separate tap for “Add new pages”. Adding new content to a blank page is simple; all you need to do is click on “Add an element.”

Save And Publish Your IM Website Creator

Lastly, you need to save and publish your page.
In the top right hand corner of your interface is a big blue button that says “Publish.”
Click on it and you’re done!