Is It Possible to Do a TheGuardian Clone with Subdomains

Is It Possible to Do a TheGuardian Clone with SubdomainsA news website is one of the strongest platforms most people would love to clone because of the niche it caters to people. Competitive sites like became popular and wide-spreading.

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Some people ask me if it’s possible to clone the Guardian website with Subdomains. My answer is yes. Subdomain is known as a child domain. It is a portion of a bigger domain name in the DNS hierarchy.

Cloning Sites like theguardian

On the other hand, clone is an online news website in UK that tackles everything available in the UK. This includes world, sport, economy, opinions, fashion, lifestyle, money, travel, technology, and more. This is the reason why the website became a competitive platform that other media entities would love to adapt. Aside from being on the top of the Google Search, is also popular across the United Kingdom. Aside from relaying updated and reliable news, it delivers news with credibility. Besides, you may know more about clone on our site.

Developing Clone

Building a news website like is a tough task. It needs thorough planning to come up with the best strategies to start you site. Most importantly, the content should be reliable and updated. Engaging yourself in an industry like requires commitment and eye to details. As one of the contributors, be attentive and rapt on your goals. Starting a website is your job. The ideas coming from you are the framework of your site.

  1. Cloning a website starts from building a website. Start developing your platform by paying for a web developer service.
  2. Think of the website design, especially on how you present your news to the reading public. The simple and smooth it is, the better.
  3. Decide on your niche whether you will focus on a single topic or will cater the general interest of the readers.
  4. Build a team who will contribute stories to your website. If you are already in a news industry, better. But if you’re a start-up business, plan your organization well.
  5. Lastly, promote your website and make it more competitive.

Including Subdomains on Sites like theguardian

Creating a subdomain is better than registering another domain name; even you have an existing one. Using the existing domain, create a subdomain for the second website. This second website is different from the previous or first site. It has different style, niche, and contents, but has similar domain name.

If you want clone, it easy to do the subdomains by following the simple steps below.

  1. Sign up to the cPanel and choose subdomains.
  2. Select domain in the dropdown.
  3. Type the name of the subdomain of the box before the domain.
  4. It will automatically fill once you click the inside of the Document Root.
  5. Lastly, click the Create Button.

Through following the simple steps above you are ready to create your website with subdomain.

If you are hesitant of the process, ask the help of an expert. Create a fresh and upgraded version of theguardian,com and make the most out of it with the subdomains. Besides, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about the technique of website copier.