Setting up a WordPress Blog: Few Simple Steps

setting up a wordpress blogHow hard is setting up a WordPress blog?

If you are just starting out with your very first WordPress blog then you may be worried about just how hard it might be with regards to setting up a WordPress blog. Thankfully however WordPress is very easy to use and for many it will be quite intuitive. The menus are fairly self explanatory and the way things are laid out makes it very easy to understand what is going on. The following sections will help you with setting up your first WordPress blog.

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First steps with setting up a WordPress blog

When you are first learning how to set up a WordPress blog you need to understand that it is actually quite hard to “break” your website and that you can change many different things as you are working out what you want knowing that most changes that you make can easily be undone. So the first thing that you should do when learning how to set up your blog with WordPress or how to set up WordPress is to log into your dashboard or admin panel which you will find by following the wp-admin link that you were given when you installed WordPress on your hosting.

How do you want your blog to look?

The first thing that you should be looking at when setting up a WordPress blog is your theme. This is the template that your site is built around and will control everything from the color of your site through to where your sidebars are located or even if you have them at all. Different themes will provide you with completely different layouts, different color schemes and even photo or video backgrounds. You can find themes by selecting “Appearance” on the left hand menu and then “Themes”. From here you can review and preview your current default themes and even look at the options you have if you want to customize them. If you don’t know how to customize WordPress theme, just use some guidelines of ours.

You can also “Add New” and will be able to look at the many thousands of themes that others have created that you could use allowing you to find the perfect look for your blog.

By customizing the settings for your chosen blog theme you will be able to generate a unique look for your blog that will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember that you can change your theme at any time without affecting your actual content so if you don’t like the look of your site you can change it again and again.

How does your blog function

Another issue with setting up a WordPress blog is that you will often wish that your blog would do something that is not part of the theme. Maybe it lacks a button for sharing to social media or you would like to have a picture gallery effect on some pages that you just can’t quite get right with the basic settings of WordPress. You are not alone with this and many people will have already developed what are called plugins. These are additional pieces of code that you can add to your blog to provide additional functionality.

Plugins can be accesses through the “Plugins” tab on the main menu of your WordPress dashboard allowing you to not only manage the plugins that you have installed but also to search and find out more about the plugins that are available. So if you are struggling to do something on your site it is often best to just go to the plugin page and do a search to see if there is a plugin that will do what you need.