Let’s Make A Pinterest Clone


Let's Make A Pinterest CloneWhen it comes to making a pinterest clone its best just to replicate the core functionality of the original social networking site. Rather than going all out when writing the actual code that will become a pinterest clone script, its best to just strip pintrest down to the usable functions. The basic ideas will all have to be retained, and the overall look of the front page will still need to be maintained. In general the code can be very different with more of an emphasis on utilizing basic text and photo placement HTML in the context of a social networking environment that has a tendency to load more quickly than the original does.

To put together the best pinterest clone around we’ll need:

  • A likes page for things that people pin up on other pages
  • A my pins section for things individuals actually pin on their own
  • Boards pages for people to actually go about pinning things on
  • Wishlist pages for things people would have wanted to have
  • Domain extensions for international users
  • The ability to create user login credentials with either an email address or social networking details
  • Home pages that show random groups of pins from the central database
  • The ability for users to create their own individual boards

When a pinterest clone is made it will attract many of the same types of users that would actually tend to go to the original social networking page, but considering the independent pinterest clone script used these people might tend to be more niche overall. They may be the type to belong to a specific subculture, as opposed to general users. That should be very valuable since it means that there’s already a specific market to target when it comes to actually marketing the site itself. In addition, you may read  how to create a clone of wordpress theme or any other kind of copy by visiting our site. Create your own websites and make them the best on the web!

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