Kickstarter Clone

Kickstarter CloneWe want to make a business website that has similar features to the existing, and the proposed site will draw information from project pages that are on This will help to build a report page whenever a visitor to the site enters a project page URL into the home page’s search box. The action will be entirely automatic, and won’t require any further input on behalf of the user. Informational graphics should probably be used in order to display the resultant data in a visible way that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the page at all.

When we build a business website like this we’re going to need:

  • Efficient homepage design
  • A programmed script to provide information based on searches
  • Plugins to draw data from the kickstarter site
  • Automatic graphic draw system
  • Accounts to log into in order to track information over the long term
  • Financial information pages
  • Section to correct any inconsistencies
  • Links back to the relevant kickstarter project that prompted the search.

This will tend to attract a large audience because so many different types of people end up using crowdfunding these days and that means building a business site around it should help those who are trying to attract donors. Both non-for profit and independent entertainment users, who make up the bulk of the people who access the source site, would appreciate this type of business site to keep track of their information. Those who are looking for projects that need their donations will probably also want to take a look considering that he information is very useful as to tell when a particular project needs further funds.

Researchers and others might make up a small but important subsection of those who use the site, and those that want to see more data tend to flock toward this type of a business site. That being said the core users will continue to make up the bulk of those who access the site overall, and that shouldn’t change regardless. Existing users of kickstarter will generally look to the site, and while it won’t necessarily be official many people should still consider it a rather popular tool and that should increase its notoriety. As a result there will eventually be an increase in the number of people who use the business site overall.