How to Build a Classifieds Site

How to Build a Classifieds SiteWe’re looking to build a classifieds site like, and we need it to be very simple to use. There has to be a real dearth of graphics, and the vast majority of the content will be text. User databases and such will be needed to keep control of logins. We’ll also need a management system.

When We Build a Classifieds Website, We’ll Need the Following:

Nationwide locus sections that provide individual places for each individual region of the United States

A lack of graphics and flash content in order to maintain really swift loading times for users

User database files to maintain logins and payment information in a very secure system

Payment methods that should be able to accept paypal and credit cards, again in a secure manner

Community monitoring functions in order to allow people to flag offending listings

A special logo that’s very simple yet unique and immediately attracts the eyes, but doesn’t end up becoming too graphically large or intense in any way

Self-publishing system for users to be able to put up their own listings in a manner similar to other sales sites

Social aspects to let users communicate about what they need when it comes to products and services.

When we build classifieds website, we’ll need to keep the potential users in mind. Many people have taken this sort of thing and turned it into a cottage industry. As a result many users will be looking for specialty items like video games, popular culture goods and fine antiques. Design will need to reflect these very specific users who will want to find items that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to when they’re visiting physical antique and thrift stores. Additionally durable goods shoppers will form another large demographic.