How to Clone a Music Site

How to Clone a Music SiteWe need a clone of a music website in order to integrate it into a blog. The site will naturally have to have a section on song lyrics, as well as a gallery of recent music. It will probably have to have areas from which to stream music, as well as work with PHP information for ease of changing it up later. There will also need to be a version of the site that has been optimized for mobile devices that also includes all of the full functionality.

When We Build a Music Website, It Will Need to Have:

  1. Wallpapers featuring popular artists, and quite possibly other subject material that will please people with an eye for pop culture
  2. Plenty of music videos for those who want to look for that kind of thing, and possibly entire albums
  3. Sound effects, which will especially attract those interested in making their own music content
  4. Animations that might be best distributed as some form of GIF image
  5. Song lyrics that provide full listings of the words for songs
  6. Possibly things like sequenced MIDI files of popular pieces of music
  7. Specialty sections for information on soundtracks and the like.

While cloning website, we’ll need to keep the demographics in mind because music preferences will be different. This sort of material will more than likely skew toward a younger demographic than what we’re used to developing for. As a result we’ll have to keep the content consistently fresh. While people are always looking for information about both classic and hot new recording artists, the fact of the matter is that we also need to have plenty of material relating to underground artists. This is part of the game when working with these types of sites.

Cloning website