How to Clone a Travel Website

How to Clone a Travel WebsiteWe need clone of a travel website to be made, and the site itself will have to be CMS based. The information will periodically be updated, so this process will have to be streamlined for the future operators. Colors used in the typesetting of the site along with images may change, but the overall format will more or less remain the same. HTML, PHP, WordPress and graphic design skills will be required.

Main Features We Need in this when We Clone a Travel Website:

  • An inquiry form for users who wish to contact us as well as a separate contact section for inquires about the site and the operators
  • CMS solutions so that the site can have periodic information changes
  • An advanced search box that allows people to select destinations and tour types as well as departure and arrival dates
  • Link boxes for our social media accounts
  • Gallery sections for tour information along with information and photographs about various hotel and lodging arrangements
  • The best offers section that provides information for those looking for a good deal
  • Electronic brochures for those reading up on traveling, which might be offered in PDF or some other distributable format
  • A reader’s corner with comments and articles, which might also feature information about press releases and media coverage.

When we do a travel website clone, the target audience will have to be kept in mind. A number of the users will be people looking for a first time vacation package, and naturally the site will perhaps be geared toward those users. Different ages of pleasure travelers will of course be represented in the user base. However, we can’t forget that many business users will also flock to these types of sites. These users will need additional information about these opportunities.

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