Why Cloning a Website/Network/Application is a Popular Trend

Have you ever thought of cloning your website? Well, this is a growing trend of today, wherein more and more businesses are turning into clone a website professional to help them on the matter. Check out the following to learn of the reasons more websites/networks/applications are cloning and becoming a trend.
why cloning a website network application is a popular trend


Why Clone a Website: See the Reasons

  • More cost-effective than starting from the beginning
  • A clone script can be integrated easily into the existing one
  • No licensing problems
  • Successful lookalikes of major website make great bids.

Successful Copies and Their Stories: Some Examples of Popular Buyouts of Photo-Sharing Services

  • In 2007, Panoramio was bought out by Google.
  • In 2012, Instagram was bought out by Facebook.
  • In 2012, LightBox was bought out by Facebook.
  • In 2014, Cooliris was bought out by Yahoo.

Let’s take Snapchat as an example. This is a photo and messaging website service established in 2011. You might think how different it is from other services, but did you know that two giants, Google and Facebook bid and were both spurned?

In 2014, Facebook bid 3 billion and was rejected, while Google bid 4 billion and was rejected, too.

Clone websites into other countries in order to adjust their linguistic and cultural differences, as well as to understand why a big website failed in that region. You should choose a country to have your website clone. Learn from the success of Alibaba, a Chinese Ebay, Zalando a German Amazon and VK.com a Russian Facebook.

Tips for Making a Successful Clone

  1. Pick your design.
  2. Create a different feature.
  3. Pick the right country for introducing the clone.
  4. Use our professional service, clonewebsite.org for the best results.

There you have some things to know about cloning a website, an application or a network. At the end of the day, you would realize that these clones could even become more popular than the site it clones. Think of having your website clone and grow your market in other countries. If you need help, get in touch with our professional team for cloning a website today!

Best Way to Build a Website vs. Clone a Website

While American and European companies set out to build a website, top Chinese businesses continue instead to clone them. Those companies then often sell their clones to better known businesses at a profit. While it might sound sketchy at first, ChinaHR is an excellent example of how this is done. The job search site sold to the far more popular Monster.com for over $200 million in US funds. The reasons aren’t merely because they set out to clone a website, but because top Chinese movers and shakers think different about the marketplace. That’s why they’ve become so dominant, and are even starting to maneuver their way into traditionally foreign marketplaces.

Chinese Website Clone Businesses

People often unfairly criticize Chinese businesses who refuse to build a website from scratch, but what they miss is that they do far more than that. They neglect that they rethink and reinvent business models all together and that seriously helps them to produce something original from sites that might have otherwise been seen merely as remakes. That’s helped indigenous Chinese businesses to prevent Western organizations from moving into their economic neighborhood.

Chinese entrepreneurs are learning that consumer goods markets as well as digital ones are growing side by side in the Chinese economy, which means that they’re able to operate individual Web organizations that mirror the marketplace. There’s an entirely different focus on the way that business is done as a result. Most importantly, local fragmented companies can more influentially do business on a large national scale.

It might not be immediately obvious what this has to do with anything in regards to copying existing Internet businesses, but it illustrates that when people are looking for something and the Internet has a way of doing it better people will flock to the Internet. Therefore if Chinese businesses get to the idea first locals will start to use it, and even if the Chinese site is apparently a copy of a Western one, the Western site will have a hard time making inroads into the Chinese economy.

There’s another aspect that the Chinese Web designers excel at that seems lacking in the Western originals. Each site is focused on practicality. While new features are constantly being built into Western sites, that same push for features isn’t nearly as important to Chinese consumers. Internet users in China would much rather concern themselves with how well a site works.

Take the idea of dating sites for example. Recently a business was launched in China that closely resembles Match.com, but the site was focused on practicality. Additionally it was designed around the nuances of Chinese dating. As a result it was able to be very competitive in the market and started to have people turn away from more traditional matchmaking businesses, while at the same time proving to be so popular that the actual official Match.com portal was more ignored by Chinese consumers. It’s a two-pronged approach that’s extremely effective when it comes to marketing things.

Making a Site Clone Work

While it might seem more honorable to build a website from scratch, its very clear which direction the market is moving in. Chinese consumers will continue to flock to sites that are not only geared toward local individual needs but also work more practically than Western ones. Eventually many of these sites sell to more expensive portals. As a result its important to keep in mind that every time someone goes to build a website they may very well be copying something.

Google, Bing nor the Chinese Baidu was the first search engine. Few would call any of them a rip-off though, and Western designers could learn some lessons from Chinese business partners. There are many elements of success that could be reproduced by companies who are willing to take something existing and make a more competitive version of it. Either way everything should work out if they know something about the customer base in question.

Look On How To Make A Clone Of Car Website

Look On How To Make A Clone Of Car WebsiteWe’ve been looking at making a car website that’s similar to www.carsales.com.au, and we want to use a comparable front page more or less. Users of these kinds of car website resources need the ability to sort between different makes and models. They’re going to like to be able to browse a digital showroom as well. Naturally the focus will be on buying a car, so they’ll need to be able to get in touch to make purchases right there.

When we clone a website we’ll need the following:

  • MySQL database design that’s used to keep all of the different cars straight
  • PHP interactivity to let users browse through lists
  • Possibly .NET design and programming for organizational reasons
  •  Search boxes that let users sort by make and model
  • Location based geography limiters to let users see where a particular motor vehicle is
  • A sort of virtual showroom for new vehicles
  • Online software that helps individuals to select a new vehicle
  • Sections of the site dedicated to loans and financing

When we make a website clone we should remember that computer users who visit a site about cars most probably want to find a new vehicle to purchase, as well as when creating a clone of wordpress theme we should remember that they want to get something that’s fairly similar to a print newspaper. In this case, they may currently be looking at a website about cars in order to buy a new one, but they could also be interested in new information. These kinds of sites attract individuals of all ages, merely because there are so many different types of people who might benefit from purchasing a new motor vehicle. Some people might actually be preexisting users, and they might be considering trading something in. As a result there will need to be some sections that can cater to them in addition to those who are looking at buying a fresh car with nothing else.